Netflix is Oscar-worthy now


Maleaha Brings Plenty , Opinions Columnist

Nearly everyone you talk to has Netflix and has binged a series in one night. That being said, Netflix original movies are also household names and extremely accessible. Widely popular movies such as Birdbox, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and The Kissing Booth are all examples of Netflix movies becoming widely known and watched. While these movies and this platform are widely known, filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg claim these movies shouldn’t be considered for awards such as the Oscars.

While these movies might not have a box-office release or the same gross as blockbuster movies, there is no denying that Netflix movies are capable of making their way into the general consciousness and pop culture, and they are just as artistically and cinematically sound as their blockbuster counterparts. A box-office release has long been seen as a determining factor into whether a movie is good. Movies that are straight to DVD have corrupted our views on whether a movie without a cinema release can be good. However, with platforms such as Netflix and Hulu beginning to make strides in online releases, these standards need to be changed and looked at differently.

Netflix movies should be looked at the same way as any movie that has a box-office release. The platform in which you release a movie shouldn’t be taken into consideration when making the decision on whether a movie is Oscar-worthy. Netflix movies are just as cinematic and artistic as blockbuster movies, as seen in the aforementioned examples. They can have the same cultural and artistic impact as their counterparts. With all of this in mind, why aren’t Netflix movies winning awards?

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