Starbucks offers healthier food choices and consistency


Zohar Nadler, Opinions Columnist

As the day begins, I long for caffeine in its most sacred form: coffee. Therefore, I choose to go to Starbucks. Starbucks provides me with a variety of coffee roasts and drinks to choose from, an array of healthy snacks and a consistent product that I can elect as my “go-to” drink (yes Americano, that means you). Not to mention the fact that Starbucks is located all over the country with numerous locations in many cities. Allow me to elaborate.

When I think of a great place that I frequently indulge in, coffee-wise, I want consistency, variety and quality. Starbucks is steady in always giving me a superb drink at the perfect temperature with just enough room for milk. Moreover, it is consistent in spelling my name wrong, but hey, that’s part of the fun. I appreciate its dependability of drink quality and service.

In addition to fabulous coffee, Starbucks has delicious healthy snacks, such as almonds, fruit, or an egg-white breakfast wrap, that aren’t available at other well-known coffee shops (the ones with varieties of doughnuts.) While it does have sweets, and tasty sweets at that, its food options are not limited to just pastries or some sort of fast food. As a busy student who frequently needs healthy snacks on the go, Starbucks supplies me with great options at a nice convenience.

As the semester drags on, and caffeine cravings persist, and you are ponder which coffee chain to splurge in, I highly recommend you consider Starbucks for its superb snacks and consistent good quality coffee.