Pancheros is the hometown hero


Michelle Kumar, Opinion Columnist

Whether you’re hungry after a night out or having a late-night craving after studying, Pancheros is always there. Since 1992, the original Panchero’s has served up burritos to hungry University of Iowa students and will always be the go-to.

Pancheros claims to have “better-built burritos,” and honestly, it does. Between the made-to-order tortilla and that the employees mix the ingredients, Chipotle doesn’t stand a chance.

Pancheros has the same exact ingredients. It also actually knows how to make amazing queso, too (sorry, Chipotle — you really tried). On top of that, how can you say no to that tortilla? Pancheros tortillas are soft and warm and could never do any harm. Even hours after being ordered, the tortilla is still just as amazing as it was when it was first made.

Chipotle, however, has cold and brittle tortillas that it just warms up. Its meat is dry, and that makes for a sad burrito. The only good things Chipotle has going for it is that it offers brown rice and that its chips are good. It also has more options. However, just because it has more options doesn’t mean it’s better overall. For the sake of options and healthiness, Chipotle sacrifices quality.

Even though Pancheros isn’t as “healthy” as Chipotle and its menu is pretty basic, it’s still the better burrito place. Honestly, who gets a burrito to be healthy, and why change a good thing trying to be fancy? Combine that with Pancheros being open later and that it’s Iowa City’s original burrito place, Pancheros is the obvious choice.