Kesha rocks the U.S. Cellular Center at free concert over the weekend

Pop artist Kesha performed a free show at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids on Friday night.


Adrian Enzastiga

Kesha takes the stage at the US Cellular Center Friday night.

Adrian Enzastiga, Arts Reporter

Her energy is powerful. She owns the stage, capturing the audience under her demanding gaze. Her sparkling crystalline cape, and her equally shiny blonde hair waves dramatically as an invisible fan blows her way. A blue haze transforms the area into a dazzling night sky and crisscrossing beams illuminate the stage like a thunderstorm.

“I woke up this morning,” Kesha said, “Feeling like P. Diddy.”

This is the concert that electrified the Cedar Rapids area on Friday, Nov. 2. Kesha performed at the U.S. Cellular Center; it was a completely free concert put on by the telecommunications company in celebration of their 30th anniversary of offering cellular service in Cedar Rapids.

The first thousand U.S. customers in line got to pick their seats early and save seats. Other audience members had the chance to receive rainbow light up U.S. Cellular branded bracelets after filling out a quick survey. When the lights dimmed in the auditorium, the sight of all those rainbow lights was inspiring.

There were also VIP members who gained access to a private entrance and private bar. Another perk was getting to be right up front with Kesha as she performed.

Every aspect of her show was unique, specifically, her backup dancers and instrumentalists. The two male dancers appeared to be in their thirties and bald, as opposed to a cliché backup performer. Them, along with the guitarists would interact with Kesha during her songs, dancing and singing along with her. They even kept the audience engaged and excited during Kesha’s costume changes.

Each of these costumes was accompanied by a cape, one of which Kesha proudly showed off as being the same exact cape used in the music video for her song “Praying.”

Another unique highlight of her show was during her song “Godzilla” in which a very buff shirtless man cane on stage wearing a Godzilla mask, and danced with Kesha for the remainder of the song.

Before the song “Take it Off” she stated that she would not start the song until she got a piece of clothing. Audience members then proceeded to throw various items of apparel up on stage. Kesha and her crew performed the rest of this song using shirts, brass, and jackets as props.

She had such a fabulous presence on stage that when she said to get down, everyone squatted down to the floor.

For the song “Blow” a dancer carried around a leaf blower; it was the definition of ‘extra’ but still seemed totally natural for a Kesha concert. She then brought out a rainbow lighted confetti blower and shot confetti into the crowd.

It felt so nostalgic hearing Kesha songs; the concert brought listeners back to the early 2010s.

Towards the end of her show, Kesha called out to one of the audience members she recognized from previous concerts.

“Nick has been to 72 shows,” Kesha said while on stage. “And he brought his mom. Hi mom! We love moms.”

This individual was Nick Murray, and having been to 72 of her concerts, quite possibly Kesha’s biggest fan in the world.

“Her whole message is spreading love to everyone,” Murray said. “She just wants her concerts to be a place where people have a good time, love each other and that’s how she lives her life.”

She humbly thanked the audience before her final song.

“I just wanted to take a second to tell you how much I deeply love you guys, you know that right?” she said. “You guys are so f*cking amazing.”