Hot coffee

Zohar Nadler, Opinion Columnist

My coffee adoration would have never started if it were not for the comfort, smell, and hand-warming dual purpose of a beautiful fresh hot cup of coffee, especially to start off my day.

I drink my coffee hot first thing in the morning and periodically throughout the day for comfort and that extra caffeine boost I long for. I prefer the warmness and strong scent that hot coffee provides over the chilling goose bumps and masked coffee flavor of iced coffee. I mean, who doesn’t want to be warmed up and eager to seize the day in the morning?

Let’s be real, the morning is a rough time as we all try to battle our laziness. Being able to indulge on a hot cup of coffee is relaxing as I get torn away from the cozy nest of my bed and have to ease into my busy day. The slow sipping of hot coffee is metaphorical to how I gradually begin to accomplish my long to-do list of life. With iced coffee, it slams me with the chills and makes me want to crawl back into my warm bed, which is by no means motivating. Relishing on a hot cup of joe gives me this “I can conquer the world” feeling that iced coffee does not.

To be sure, hot coffee is for the true coffee lovers. Cold drinks are for quenching thirst, not for easing into a day. A genuine coffee enthusiast will appreciate the strong aroma that a hot-brewed cup of coffee has right off the bat. They will always savor the bold roasted flavor of that fresh hot cup.

Now I must advise you as you are faced with the question of hot or iced coffee, choose the motivating and comforting hot cup of coffee every time. Save yourself from the goose bumps, the disguised coffee flavor, and the condensation that will be soaking into the fresh notes you just took in class.