Local band Younger displays mature harmonies at Gabe’s on Oct. 12

Younger pulls off a strong performance at Gabe’s, displaying the creative process Witching Hour is known for.


Sarah Stortz, Arts Reporter

Younger, a band based in Iowa City, took the Gabe’s stage on Oct. 12 to perform as a part of Witching Hour Festival.

Composed of three talented women, bassist Amanda Crosby, guitarist Rachel Sauter, and drummer Sarah Mannix, they stood in front of a pink-lit backdrop, further emphasizing either their feminine image or a slow sunrise.

Shrill guitar notes lept out, producing a foot-tapping beat. One audience member gave a prolonged whistle, leaving the crowd impressed and enticed. Each of the members contributed her voice, creating a vibrant harmony.

The group toyed around with different ideas while performing. With the raw emotion and musical chemistry, the group’s dynamic kept the audience visibly invested in the performance.

Touching on romance, the band performed a song detailing the singer’s desire to get a tattoo with her significant other.

No matter the song, the band always exhibited high energy and passion, even when the subject matter was mundane.

In one standout song, Crosby described the piece as comforting, “like you have a glass of milk before bed,” she said.

Younger knows how to touch a crowd and give the members a memorable performance. While the group graces local stages, its music deserves to be heard on a larger scale.