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Here are some trends to be on the lookout for in Spring 2024

In search of how to style yourself this spring? Look no further.
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Here is a comprehensive list of what to wear in this upcoming season:

T-shirts with maxi skirts

Mixing casual pieces with semi-formal pieces has already risen in popularity ahead of the flowers blooming — the true marker of springtime. When it comes to fashion, graphic tees are nothing new, but we might see graphic tees styled in unique ways this spring. Something new to try with styling graphic tees is layering one over a few maxi skirts to add some character to a formal look.

Western-urban fusion

From red gingham-patterned shorts to denim vests, many trends we’ll see this spring could dance with a bit of a classic Western flair. Although the weather may not permit it yet, now is a great time to bring out those cowboy boots.

Gingham is also metastasizing into many garments this season. This picnic-esque pattern will champion its cousin, the checkerboard, most commonly in shorts. If you are looking for a perfect pair of shorts this season, red gingham shorts are the way to go. They can be paired with a black graphic tee or a matching gingham shirt.

The Canadian tuxedo, as scary as it sounds in theory, is nothing to avoid this season. Despite its controversial past, denim on denim will be a match made in heaven this spring. Denim vests are very popular this season and can be worn by themselves or layered over a white or black basic tee. A vest would pair well with a denim skirt if the denim shades were similar.

There is one rule with denim on denim, however: Keep a light wash paired with a light wash. Otherwise, mismatched denim shades disrupt the look and, instead of looking intentional,
it appears sloppy.

Hair bows

Bows are back in style, but don’t fret. The resurgence of the hair bow has thankfully shifted with the times. This spring, those with a hair length that permits braids should try tying the ends off with a thin silk ribbon. This hairstyle is very versatile. It can be paired with either of the two styles previously mentioned.

The color red

Though Pantone’s Color of the Year is “Peach Fuzz,” the color wheel is trending into red this season. From red bows, boots, bags, and shirts, the color is currently making its way into some of the most sought-after wardrobes. A classic way to style a red statement shirt is to pair it with black or white basics, or even more red.

Lace tights

Though tights have always been a staple, their lace variant is making a comeback. The perfect way to class a look up, these pair best with miniskirts of stark tones, like white or black, and a leather jacket for great fabric contrast.

Ballet flats

Yes, the shoes your mom made you wear instead of the heels you wanted to sport are back in style, but the classics have a fresh look. Something new that is very popular for this upcoming season is kitten-heeled ballet flats. They pair great with lacy white ankle socks if you go with the skirt route, but are a great contrast in shape with baggy jeans as well.

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