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One-on-one with Iowa wide receiver Kaleb Brown

The Hawkeye wideout talked dogs, movies, and heroes with The Daily Iowan Sports Editor Kenna Roering.
Cody Blissett
Iowa wide receiver Kaleb Brown carries the ball during a football game between Iowa and Nebraska at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln Nebraska on Friday, Nov. 23, 2023. The Hawkeyes defeated the Cornhuskers 13-10.

The Daily Iowan: When did you get your ears pierced? 

Kaleb Brown: It probably would’ve been like seventh grade.

You have tattoos, right? Do you have a favorite one?

Yeah, I got a favorite one. It’s on my chest. It was my first tattoo. It’s the scripture Jeremiah 29:11. And then it’s me as a kid with a football walking up the stairs to heaven’s gates, basically.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Iowa City when you’re not playing football?

I like bowling. The receiving room was supposed to go bowling during the bye week, but we never got a chance to. So,  I’m just trying to see when we’re gonna go. But I’ve been with a few teammates, though, like running backs and stuff.

Do you have a favorite place to eat?

I like fast food. So, like, Culver’s and Panda Express. I got to explore Iowa a little bit more, for sure. 

Who do you live with right now on the team?

I stay alone. So, I stay in an apartment that’s probably a couple of minutes from downtown.

Do you like having a place to yourself?

Yeah, I got my little dog, so it’s chill. 

What kind of dog is it?

It’s a Toy Poodle.

Boy or girl?

It’s a girl named Remi.

How long have you had her?

Since I got here pretty much. I bought her from someone down here actually [someone] who cuts my hair. He didn’t want his dog anymore, so I bought her. She’s a chill dog, trained and everything like that. 

How would you describe your style?

I like to dress up. Not all the time, though. I like wearing slides a whole lot. I like to be comfortable, I will say that. 

Are you a big movie person?

I’m not even a big TV guy. There are some good movies out there, for sure. But somebody could be like, ‘Have you seen this or that?’ And I’m like, ‘Nah.’”

Do you have a saying or a motto that you try to live by every day?

Probably just control what you can control. As far as the mental aspect of what you got going on, if it’s out of your control, don’t worry about it. If you can control it, try to control it. But other than that, you can’t really stress yourself out.

Who’s your hero?

My mom and my dad. Definitely my grandfather too. That’s probably my hero.  When I was a kid, he was always taking me to practice and stuff like that, so I always looked up to him.

Does your family get to come and see you play often?

Yeah, pretty much every weekend. Especially every home game. 

What do you hope to get out of this weekend’s Big Ten Championship game?

A win, that’s for sure. But I want to do better than previous games and definitely make a name for myself. But I want to win at the end of the day.

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Kenna Roering, Sports Editor
Kenna Roering is The Daily Iowan's sports editor. She is a junior at the University of Iowa majoring in journalism with a minor in sports and recreation management. Kenna previously worked as a sports reporter for men's wrestling and volleyball and was the summer sports editor in 2023. This is her second year with the DI.
Cody Blissett, Visuals Editor
Cody Blissett is a visual editor at The Daily Iowan. He is a third year student at the University of Iowa studying cinema and screenwriting. This is his first year working for The Daily Iowan.