On the line | Daily Iowan football staff picks a slate of Week 13 college football games

The DI’s band of football experts picked five of this week’s top matchups. Game selections and records will be released each week.


Jerod Ringwald

Iowa offensive lineman Mason Richman celebrates a first down from tight end Sam LaPorta during a football game between Iowa and Minnesota at Huntington Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022.

DI Staff

Nebraska @ Iowa

Austin Hanson, Pregame Editor (28-27): Iowa — Somehow, Iowa finds a way to make it back to Indy.

Chloe Peterson, Sports Editor (38-17): Iowa — Hawkeyes ~somehow~ get back to Indy.

Chris Werner, Assistant Sports Editor (36-19): Iowa — To quote Hawk Harrelson, “Don’t stop now, boys.”

Isaac Goffin, Football Reporter (37-18): Iowa — November is Kirk Ferentz Month.

Michael Merrick, DITV Sports Director (37-18): Iowa — Here come the Hawkeyes, Indy.

John Bohnenkamp, Sports Writing Coach (40-15): Iowa — Looking forward to another weekend in Indy.

Jason Brummond, Publisher (35-20): Iowa — It’s been more than 2,900 days since Nebraska last beat Iowa.

Michigan @ Ohio State

Hanson: Ohio State — Can’t wait to watch Iowa get blown out at Lucas Oil again.

Peterson: Ohio State — Buckeye-Hawkeye rematch, anyone?

Werner: Michigan — Fortune favors the bold, I hope.

Goffin: Ohio State — No one is beating the Buckeyes in the Horseshoe.

Merrick: Ohio State — Indy won’t be as fun when Iowa to play OSU again.

Bohnenkamp: Ohio State — A toss-up, but I’ll give it to the Buckeyes.

Brummond: Ohio State — Buckeyes eke out a win despite looking ahead to Iowa.

Tulane @ Cincinnati

Hanson: Cincinnati — I refuse to be burned by Tulane twice in one season.

Peterson: Cincinnati — I maintain that Tulane seems like a fake school.

Werner: Cincinnati — The DI shalt not forget the great Shivansh Ahuja.

Goffin: Cincinnati — The Iowa Heartlanders are playing the Cincinnati Cyclones this weekend.

Merrick: Cincinnati- No Ridder, no problem.

Bohnenkamp: Cincinnati — If only because none of you got my “Tulane Highways” joke.

Brummond: Cincinnati — Bear > Bearcat > Cat.

Oregon @ Oregon State

Hanson: Oregon — I have a quack addiction.

Peterson: Oregon — Ducks are the best.

Werner: Oregon — Picking Oregon again, duck it.

Goffin: Oregon — Sorry, Tom, but I want to win On the Line.

Merrick: Oregon — Ducks crush Beavers.

Bohnenkamp: Oregon — An in-state rivalry is a good way to end the season.

Brummond: Oregon — There is nothing civil about this rivalry.

South Carolina @ Clemson

Hanson: South Carolina — I’m going out on a limb with this one. But I’m a big guy, so the branch might break.

Peterson: Clemson — I doubt South Carolina can knock off two CFP contenders.

Werner: South Carolina — Why not? Go ‘Cocks.

Goffin: Clemson — I’m not falling for the South Carolina trap.

Merrick: Clemson — South Carolina can’t do it twice…. Right?!

Bohnenkamp: Clemson — There’s Dabo, just hanging around the fringe of the CFP.

Brummond:  Clemson — Tigers hanging on to playoff hopes by a claw.