Elise Cagnard, Opinions Columnist

It is a well-accepted fact that college can be one of the most transformative periods of your life. For the first time, you are independent.

Showing up at college, students are ready to make memories and discover who they are without the influence of their childhood home.

It makes sense that the people you meet during this period become cherished lifelong friends.

If they are there for you during possibly the most irresponsible and careless period of your life, chances are are they’ll be there for you through life. In fact, a study by the Elon Center found that 79 percent of college graduates found their closest friend in college.

Later in life, there will of course be ample opportunities to make friends, but never as frequently or abundantly as in college.

College offers chances to socialize in ways that might not be so readily available in the future, such as joining clubs or getting involved in Greek Life.

This is one of the last periods of our lives that we are in constant communication with people going through shared life experiences.

Classes or events are also easy and convenient ways to make friends, and it likely won’t be presented to university graduates again.

That’s not to say every person you meet is going to be in your wedding party, but there is a reason that wedding parties so often contain college friends.

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