On the Line: Daily Iowan football staff picks Week 7 games

DI staff members picked the Purdue vs. No. 2 Iowa game, as well as four other contests from the seventh week of the season.


Jerod Ringwald

Iowa tight end Sam LaPorta catches a pass during a football game between Iowa and Kent State at Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021. LaPorta caught seven passes for 65 yards and one touchdown.

DI Staff

The Daily Iowan football staff picks five football games every week as part of our Pregame edition. Read how the staff picked the Purdue-Iowa Homecoming matchup — as well as four other contests — below.

Purdue vs. No. 2 Iowa

Robert Read, Pregame Editor (18-12): Iowa — Purdue Pete is scarier than the Nittany Lion.

Austin Hanson, Sports Editor (23-7): Purdue — No Moss? Big problem.

Chloe Peterson, Assistant Sports Editor (16-14): Iowa — Trap game energy.

Chris Werner, Football Reporter (18-12): Iowa — Purdue hasn’t been good since Drew Brees. He’s retired.

Destinee Cook, DITV Sports Director (18-12): Iowa — No. 2 is sitting real pretty next to Iowa’s name.

John Bohnenkamp, Sports Writing Coach (19-11): Iowa — Hawkeyes get to the bye week, as Ferentz planned.

Jason Brummond, Publisher (23-7): Iowa —  Even the World’s Largest Drum isn’t enough to beat Iowa.

Nebraska vs. Minnesota

Read: Minnesota — Nebraska would win if the game was only 58 minutes long.

Hanson: Nebraska — I think Nebraska is playing well?

Peterson: Nebraska — The Huskers aren’t the worst team in the Big Ten? Whack.

Werner: Nebraska — This is the first time I’ve ever picked Nebraska in anything.

Cook: Nebraska — Taking a chance with this.

Bohnenkamp: Minnesota — Well, This will be a thrill a minute.

Brummond: Nebraska — Nebraska is running out of ways to lose games.

No. 13 Oklahoma State vs. No. 25 Texas

Read: Texas — Still mad about my Texas pick last week.

Hanson: Texas — The Longhorns will beat this OK team.

Peterson: Oklahoma State — Eventually, this will be a nonconference matchup.

Werner: Texas — This upset will be big.

Cook: Texas — I don’t think Texas will allow itself to lose to both Oklahoma teams.

Bohnenkamp: Oklahoma State — Horns down for this one.

Brummond: Texas  — Texas is back! Almost. Very close to being back.

No. 11 Kentucky vs. No. 1 Georgia

Read: Georgia — How about a Stoops brother does Iowa a favor?

Hanson: Georgia — Nice knowing ya, Kentucky.

Peterson: Georgia — No. 1 team in the nation? Trap game energy part two.

Werner: Georgia — Kentucky can’t be good at football. I won’t allow it.

Cook: Georgia — Do I even need to explain why I’m choosing Georgia?

Bohnenkamp: Georgia — New king of the SEC?

Brummond: Georgia — The team between Iowa and No. 1 is exceptionally good.

No. 19 BYU vs. Baylor

Read: Baylor — I don’t know about you, but I’m not feeling BYU.

Hanson: BYU — I used my only good Baylor joke two weeks ago.

Peterson: Baylor — Making this pick for the meme (@Chris) 

Werner: Baylor — Zach Wilson is gone.

Cook: Baylor — Baylor has all the momentum it needs to win.

Bohnenkamp: Baylor — We’ll see this a lot in the new-look Big 12.

Brummond: Baylor — Baylor, like Iowa, beat Iowa State.