On the Line: Daily Iowan football staff picks Week 5 games

DI staff members picked the No. 5 Iowa vs. Maryland game, as well as four other contests from the fifth week of the season.


Jerod Ringwald

Iowa running back Tyler Goodson celebrates a touchdown during a football game between Iowa and Kent State at Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021. The Hawkeyes defeated the Golden Flashes 30-7.

DI Staff

The Daily Iowan football staff picks five football games every week as part of our Pregame edition. Read how the staff picked the No. 5 Iowa vs. Maryland game — as well as four other contests — below. 

No. 5 Iowa vs. Maryland 

Robert Read, Pregame Editor (12-8): Iowa — Bold strategy to schedule your blackout game against … Iowa.

Austin Hanson, Sports Editor (16-4): Iowa — Fetty Wap would call this his “Trap Game.”

Chloe Peterson, Assistant Sports Editor (10-10): Iowa — Who needs undefeated Penn State when you have undefeated Maryland.

Chris Werner, Football Reporter (10-10): Iowa — Don’t stop now, boys.

Destinee Cook, DITV Sports Director (11-9): Iowa — Honestly I’m just still upset that the Penn State game is at 3 p.m.

John Bohnenkamp, Sports Writing Coach (13-7): Iowa — Feels like a trap game, but Iowa has already survived an ugly game.

Jason Brummond, Publisher (16-4): Iowa —  This looks like Iowa’s only night game. Sad!

No. 8 Arkansas vs. No. 2 Georgia

Read: Georgia — Maybe one of these times I’ll pick Arkansas.

Hanson: Georgia — The Razorbacks don’t get their peaches down in Georgia.

Peterson: Georgia — Sometimes I forget Arkansas is actually good.

Werner: Arkansas — The Razors are back.

Cook: Georgia — Hairy dawgs.

Bohnenkamp: Georgia — Dawgs just too good at home.

Brummond: Georgia — I still don’t believe in Arkansas.

No. 7 Cincinnati vs. No. 9 Notre Dame

 Read: Cincinnati — If Notre Dame wins this, it could win out.

Hanson: Cincinnati — Chris can’t spell Tennessee, and I can’t spell Cincinnati.

Peterson: Notre Dame — Will I be the only one to pick Notre Dame? Probably.

Werner: Cincinnati — Shout-out Shivansh.

Cook: Notre Dame — I take back calling them a fluke. Oops.

Bohnenkamp: Notre Dame— Should be a close one in South Bend.

Brummond: Notre Dame — The winner is going to have a real chance at the playoff.

No. 12 Ole Miss vs. No. 1 Alabama

Read: Alabama — I’m just here to see the Kiffin-Saban handshake.

Hanson: Alabama — “These wheels keep on turnin’…”

Peterson: Alabama — Easy pick of the week.

Werner: Alabama— “It’s like playing Alabama every week,” – Urban Meyer.

Cook: Alabama — I will always choose Alabama.

Bohnenkamp: Alabama — Another Tide victory in the SEC West.

Brummond: Alabama — Alabama and then everyone else.

No. 21 Baylor vs. No. 19 Oklahoma State

Read: Baylor — Good enough to beat the best Iowa State team ever.

Hanson: Oklahoma State — Not even Chip Gaines can fix Baylor football.

Peterson: Baylor — Just my patented weekly underdog pick.

Werner: Baylor — You beat Iowa State, I pick you.

Cook: Oklahoma State — Idk yee-haw.

Bohnenkamp: Oklahoma State — Two equal Big 12 teams, so give it to the home team.

Brummond: Oklahoma State — Baylor hasn’t beaten a good team all year.