Johnson County sets dates to reopen county buildings to public

County buildings will reopen on May 10, with remote employees returning to in-person work on April 26


Emily Wangen

Johnson County Supervisors Rod Sullivan and Royceeann Porter listen to a presentation during a meeting on Thursday, Feb. 12, 2020.

Marco Oceguera, News Reporter

As vaccination rates increase across the state, Johnson County will reopen its buildings to the public May 10, and county employees currently working remotely will return to in-person work on April 26. 

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors approved the measure in a 4-1 vote, with Supervisor Janelle Rettig dissenting from the rest of the group.

Supervisors were specifically split on the interpretation of current COVID-19 and vaccination data. 

“I really think we should let science and data dictate the date,” Rettig said. “If [COVID-19] numbers are increasing in our County, especially among youth, I think it’s foolish to set dates.”

Rettig said she was concerned by the fact that existing COVID-19 vaccines are not currently approved for administering to people under the age of 16.

Rettig also pointed out that less than 50 percent of individuals in Johnson County have received their first vaccine doses, and that it takes time for the effectiveness of vaccines to kick in.

However, Supervisor Rod Sullivan said the Johnson County Public Health Department is supportive of the selected reopening dates. 

Sullivan said the support of the public health department helps justify approving the selected dates.