On the Line: Week 8 game picks

The DI football staff picks the Iowa-Wisconsin game and other matchups from around college football.


Katie Goodale/Daily Iowan via USA TODAY Network

Saturday Dec. 5, 2020; Champaign, Illinois, USA; Iowa quarterback Spencer Petras (7) overthrows a pass towards the endzone during the second quarter of the Iowa v. Illinois football game at Memorial Stadium.

DI Staff

No. 16 Iowa vs. Wisconsin

Robert Read, Pregame Editor (17-16): Iowa — It’s about time.

Austin Hanson, Sports Editor (20-13): Iowa — Time to party like it’s 2015.

Isaac Goffin, Assistant Sports Editor (18-15): Iowa — My dad lived in Wisconsin when the Badgers were bad.

Chris Werner, Football Reporter (23-10): Iowa — Daviyon Nixon is out for Badger blood.

Kade Overton, DITV Sports Director (17-16): Iowa — Why stop at five?

John Bohnenkamp, Sports Writing Coach (22-11): Iowa — Hawkeyes finally break through against the Badgers.

Jason Brummond, Publisher (23-10): Iowa —  Give Keith Duncan all the FGs.

Guest picker —  Rachel Schilke, News Editor: Iowa — Hawks every time.


Minnesota vs. Nebraska

Read: Nebraska — I’m just here for the late timeouts and the sideline clapping.

Hanson: Minnesota — The boat still floats.

Goffin: Nebraska — I want Omaha Steaks now.

Werner: Minnesota — Eh, flip a coin,

Overton: Nebraska — No fan deserves to be this sad.

Bohnenkamp: Nebraska — I guess I have to pick someone, so it’s the Huskers.

Brummond: Nebraska — I need to shower after picking this one.

Schilke: Minnesota — Sorry Dad.


No. 17 North Carolina vs. No. 10 Miami

Read: Miami — U know it.

Hanson: North Carolina — Michael Jordan > Michael Irvin.

Goffin: Miami — It’s actually a tough school to get into.

Werner: Miami — Same, how well can you play against the ‘Canes? Not well enough.

Overton: Miami — Whatever happened to the turnover chain?

Bohnenkamp: Miami — Always tough to play the Hurricanes at home.

Brummond: Miami — Hurricane season is not quite over.

Schilke: Miami — I mean I prefer Orlando, but Miami is fine.


Army vs. Navy

Read: Navy — I LOVE option football.

Hanson: Army — Army run’s Kirk Ferentz’s ideal offense. No passes.

Goffin: Army — I support America’s armed forces.

Werner: Navy — Thank you for your service.

Overton: Army — Choosing between these teams is like choosing a favorite parent.

Bohnenkamp: Navy — A coin-flip game.

Brummond: Army — A rare home game in this historic rivalry.

Schilke: Army — Hopefully the flexbone formation secures you a win.