One-on-one with Iowa offensive tackle Alaric Jackson

Daily Iowan Pregame Editor Pete Ruden caught up with Iowa offensive tackle Alaric Jackson to talk about Drake, Halloween costumes and basketball.


Shivansh Ahuja

Iowa offensive lineman Alaric Jackson prepares to block during a football game between Iowa and Michigan in Ann Arbor on Saturday, October 5, 2019.

Pete Ruden, Pregame Editor

The Daily Iowan: If you could listen to one music artist for the rest of your life, who would you choose?Alaric Jackson: Drake. I was born in Canada


DI: What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?
Jackson: I was a zombie in, like, the fifth grade. I had all the makeup done and the little things, the little guts out.


DI: If you could live in another country for a year, where would you choose?
Jackson: I’m going back home to Canada. No brainer.


DI: What was your favorite school lunch back in the day?
Jackson: Favorite school lunch would have to be would have to be chicken wings and Bosco sticks.


DI: What’s the hardest part about playing offensive line?
Jackson: Just the calls pretty much. You’re going against great guys every day pretty much.


DI: What’s the best part?
Jackson: Just having fun with my teammates pretty much. Going out there playing with those guys.


DI: What’s your favorite alternate uniform that you’ve worn?
Jackson: It would have to be Ohio State. We blew Ohio State out, we looked good, played good.


DI: Growing up in Canada, did you have a favorite NFL team?
Jackson: No, I wasn’t a big football fan. [I was] a basketball fan growing up.


DI: Raptors fan?
Jackson: No, Pistons fan actually. My dad’s from Detroit, so I just go back and forth from Canada to Detroit.


DI: What’s your most memorable game?
Jackson: Most memorable game here would have to be Ohio State. True freshman year starting, playing some key guys like Sam Hubbard and Nick Bosa. Tough task at hand; me and Wirfs handled it pretty well.


DI: What’s your favorite Netflix show?
Jackson: My favorite Netflix show would have to be Narcos.