Regents consider UI’s request for M.S. degree termination

The UI on April 18 requested that the Board of Regents approve terminating an M.S. degree in community and behavioral health because of sparse enrollment.


Wyatt Dlouhy

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Katie Ann McCarver, News Reporter

The state Board of Regents heard the University of Iowa’s request for approval to terminate the master of science in community and behavioral health in the Graduate College on April 18.

According to the proposal document, the M.S. program requires 35 hours of graduate credit plus a thesis. The degree prepares students for either a career in community and behavioral health or pursuit of a Ph.D.

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“There has been little interest in this degree from student applicants to the department,” the document read. “There have been no admissions to the program since 2015.”

UI Graduate College Dean John Keller said degree programs are evaluated periodically. Several degree programs were approved when the College of Public Health was established, including community and behavioral health.

“Which we thought would be a robust program over time but has proven not to be the case,” Keller said.

The document said one student is completing the degree and will graduate in this summer. Only one other person has graduated from the program since 2010, so the effect on students, the workforce, and resources will be relatively small.

The Master of Public Health degree will still be offered, the document said, and is a reasonable alternative to community and behavioral health.

“No impact on other programs is expected,” the document said. “There are no similar M.S. degrees in Iowa.”