UISG votes to fund annual Walk it Out multicultural fashion show

UISG voted to fund the 10th-annual Walk it Out multicultural fashion show for $17,390 — leaving just $6,780 over the $60,00 floor in UISG’s contingency fund.


Katie Goodale

Naomi Marroquin, the Latin America leader for Walk It Out, addresses budget concerns during the UISG meeting in the Blackbox theater in the IMU on March 26, 2019. UISG discussed funding for Walk It Out, one of the biggest multicultural student organizations on campus, as it relates to the remaining funds UISG has.

Rylee Wilson, News Reporter

The University of Iowa Student Government on March 26 voted to allocate $17,390 from its contingency fund to the Walk it Out multicultural fashion show.

Walk it Out is the largest multicultural student organization on campus and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

The funding of the event leaves $6,780 left in the UISG contingency fund before it reaches the $60,000 floor. Debate over an amendment that would significantly reduce UISG funding for the event failed to pass, 23-17.

Director of Finance Noel Mills indicated that funding the event would place a strain on the contingency fund.

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“We are in a very intense situation with contingency,” Mills said. “If this passes, that’s it, folks.

“I encourage you to take a hard look at what you’re spending money on and just know that we are very, very close to that floor.”

As The Daily Iowan had previously reported, UISG voted to allocate $156,709 to new equipment for KRUI on March 12, using a significant portion of the contingency fund.

Funding for SSB 47 to fund Prairie Restoration was removed following the passage of the Walk It Out legislation, because there was no longer sufficient funds in contingency fund.

Caren Sun, who directs the East Asian portion of Walk it Out, said most outside funding she raised was spent on outfits for the fashion show.

“Most of the money went to buying outfits, because that is the whole point of the show, which can get pretty pricey. Those grants gave a little bit to us — each group only got $200, but that’s hardly enough for anything,” Sun said. “It’s a fashion show — it has to be fashionable.”