Former Hawkeye football player Damon Bullock dies

On March 3, the former Iowa running back passed away at age 25.


David Harmantas/The Daily Iowan

Iowa football helmets line the sidelines during a game against Purdue University on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017. The Boilermakers defeated the Hawkeyes 24 to 15.

Adam Hensley, Pregame Editor

On March 3, former Hawkeye football running back Damon Bullock died at age 25.

Father Roscoe Handy said Bullock hit a light pole with his vehicle. While outside his car, Bullock was struck by another vehicle.

“He definitely lived this way. He was a dreamer and a doer,” his mother, Kimberly Handy, posted. “‘Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die tomorrow.’ With tears streaming down my face as I create this post I regretfully have to say that we lost our son Damon to a terrible accident this morning. I will never be the same. I don’t know how or what to do. We appreciate every prayer, text, and phone call received. PLEASE PRAY FOR US! I don’t understand. You know OUR name Lord!! Please!!! I am heartbroken.”

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz released a statement on the evening of March 3.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Damon’s parents, Kimberly and Roscoe, and the entire family,” Ferentz said in a release. “Damon’s tragic and unexpected death is a shock to all of us in the Iowa football program, as well as his former teammates. Damon was an outstanding young man, and we enjoyed him being a part of the Hawkeye football program.”

Former Hawkeyes took to Twitter on Sunday to express their heartbreak.






Bullock was a member of the Hawkeyes from 2011-2014. He rushed for 1,074 yards and 4 touchdowns and caught 71 passes for 616 yards and 1 touchdown in his career.