On The Line – Week 7

The Daily Iowan football staff goes head-to-head in the most competitive prediction contest journalism has to offer.


Nick Rohlman

Iowa players celebrate their victory after their game against Minnesota at TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday, October 6, 2018. The Hawkeyes defeated the Golden Gophers 48-31.

Iowa at Indiana

Adam Hensley (Pregame Editor, 15-10): Iowa – The last time Indiana had 9 wins, Lyndon B. Johnson was president.

Pete Ruden (Sports Editor, 16-9): Iowa – Hawkeyes win the game, but Indiana wins the wing competition.

Anna Kayser (Assistant Sports Editor, 16-9): Iowa – Indiana is irrelevant, hopefully.

Jordan Zuniga (football reporter, 16-9): Iowa – Hoosier daddy.

Lucy Rohden (Co-DITV Sports Director, 16-9): Iowa – Hoosier means country bumpkin.

Beau Bowman (Co-DITV Sports Director, 18-7): Hoosiers? More like Poosiers, amirite?

Jason Brummond (Publisher, 18-7): Two (of many) fanbases that don’t want Alford to be their coach.

No. 2 Georgia at No. 13 LSU

Hensley: Georgia – Kirby Smart, intellectual pink video game character or college football coach?

Ruden: Georgia – Bulldogs are coming all the way Fromm Athens for a win.

Kayser: LSU – I’m not going to bet against a Tiger.

Zuniga: LSU – Because the coin I flipped said so.

Rohden: Georgia – “Who sells Dr. Pepper while Kirby Smart is coaching?” [email protected]

Bowman: Georgia – I’m not gonna put too much effort into this one. SEC fans won’t be able to read it anyway.

Brummond: Georgia – Let’s just fast-forward to Georgia-Alabama.

Michigan State at No. 8 Penn State

Hensley: Penn State – I’d pay good money to watch James Franklin fight that fan from the Ohio State game.

Ruden: Penn State – There won’t be a Trace of victory for the Spartans.

Kayser: Penn State – Newsflash: Michigan State isn’t good.

Zuniga: Penn State – The Lions will Nit up a win against the most overrated team in the Big Ten.

Rohden: Michigan State – The Michigan State mascot hit on me at Big Ten media days.

Bowman: Pen State – L.J. Scott has more driving violations than Michigan State has wins.

Brummond: Penn State – Surprisingly, neither is the Big Ten’s most embarrassing team this year.

No. 15 Wisconsin at No. 12 Michigan

Hensley: Michigan – I’m a khaki-and-crewneck type of guy. Big mood.

Ruden: Wisconsin – Wisconsin gave us Culver’s, so it deserves this.

Kayser: Wisconsin – Jonathan Taylor. That’s it.

Zuniga: Michigan – Even Chryst won’t be able to protect Alex Hornibrook from the Michigan D.

Rohden: Wisconsin – Not a big khakis girl.

Bowman: Wisconsin – They should’ve built the Big House out of cardboard because Michigan looks better on paper.

Brummond: Michigan – Wolverines practice avoiding punted balls to guarantee win.

Nebraska at Northwestern

Hensley: Northwestern – Scott Frost reminds me of Conor McGregor: red hair, big talker, winless in 2018.

Ruden: Northwestern – Lol, Nebraska.

Kayser: Northwestern – It’s a bad year to be a Nebraska fan.

Zuniga: Northwestern – At least Scott Frost has his team playing consistently.

Rohden: Northwestern – Forecast doesn’t call for any Frost in Evanston this weekend.

Bowman: Northwestern – FACT: In 1892, Nebraska’s mascot was the Bugeaters. Someone forgot to tell their fans they changed it to the Huskers.

Brummond: Northwestern – Can I get a refund on my “Frost Warning” shirt?

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