College football Week 7: Ohio State leading the Big Ten

“The Big Ten has teams scattered throughout the NCAA ranks from No. 3 to No. 129. Sorry, Nebraska.”


Anna Kayser, Assistant Sports Editor

Big Ten Power Rankings

1) Ohio State (6-0):
I’d say something about wanting Urban Meyer to get hit by a bus, but Twitter would suspend my account … again.

2) Penn State (4-1):
The most uncomfortable feeling was cheering for Penn State against Ohio State, but it had to be done.

3) Michigan (5-1): 
Big Blue has scored 40-plus points in four of its six games.

4) Wisconsin (4-1):
For the No. 15 team, it should have beaten Nebraska by A LOT more than 17 points.

5) Iowa (4-1):

Nate Stanley has been dangerous since he remembered how to complete passes.

6) Maryland (3-2):
I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating about why teams aren’t clever enough to come up with a different logo from an “M.”

7) Northwestern (2-3):
Northwestern beat Michigan State AND Purdue, so this is logical, but I feel like I’m still going to get yelled at for putting the Wildcats this high.

8) Michigan State (3-2):
This season has to really hurt for Spartan fans.

9) Indiana (4-2):
According to The Music Man, Indiana does not house Paris, New York, or Rome.

10) Minnesota (3-2):
It’s almost been a week, and I bet Zack Annexstad is still sore from being demolished by Iowa’s defense.

11) Purdue (2-3):
I can’t tell you why Purdue annoys me so much, but it was nice not having to hear about it last weekend.

12) Illinois (3-2):
It blows my mind that Illinois has three wins right now.

13) Rutgers (1-5):
I’ve never seen a more disappointing “black out” in my entire life than Rutgers’ against Illinois last weekend.

14) Nebraska (0-5):
I don’t exactly know why or how, but I feel very bad for Scott Frost.


Big Ten Schedule

Iowa (-5.5) vs. Indiana

11 a.m. | ESPN2

I can’t say that Indiana is good, but I’m also not absolutely certain it’s bad, either. If Nate Stanley can throw the ball the way he did against Minnesota, Iowa will be fine. Probably.

Rutgers vs. Maryland (-25.5)

11 a.m. | BTN

Rutgers and Nebraska should just play each other every week until the end of the season. That’s the only way either of their fanbases will be able to get excited for a game.

Minnesota vs. No. 3 Ohio State (-29.5)

11 a.m. | FS1

Ohio State is going to make Minnesota look like a joke. I just hope for Zack Annexstad’s sake that the Buckeye defense lets its offense do all the work.

Nebraska vs. Northwestern (-4)

11 a.m. | ABC

Will Nebraska win a game this season? Will Northwestern win out in the Big Ten after beating Michigan State? The answer to both of these questions begins with the same letter as both of these teams.

Michigan State vs. No. 8 Penn State (-13.5)

2:30 p.m. | BTN

After losing to Northwestern and being kicked out of the top 25, I wouldn’t be surprised if Michigan State fans gave up on this season. At least they probably won’t be going into this game with much hope.

Purdue (-10.5) vs. Illinois

2:30 p.m. | FS1

Illinois will revisit its win column when it plays Nebraska later this season, but for now, it’ll be a struggle for the Illini. It’s a shame they can’t constantly play Rutgers and Nebraska.

No. 15 Wisconsin vs. No. 12 Michigan (-9.5)

6:30 p.m. | ABC

Penn State against Ohio State involved two teams potentially playing to represent their conference in the College Football Playoffs. I’m not sure what Wisconsin and Michigan are playing for, but it’ll be entertaining either way.

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