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Q&A | Two Canes

Two Canes is one of four bands featured in Headliners, the newest concert video series by The Daily Iowan.
Emily Nyberg
Iowa City band Two Canes performs at The Daily Iowan Headliners in The Daily Iowan newsroom on Saturday, Oct. 28, 2023.

Two Canes is an Iowa City-born punk rock band consisting of lead singer Myles Evangelista, guitarists Evan Weidl and Edwin Svoboda, drummer Chloe Weidl, and bassist Jack Moore.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

The Daily Iowan: How did the band form?

Chloe Weidl: Evan and I were kind of the stem of it. We grew up doing music together and we always talked about being in a band in college, but Evan kicked it off by asking [Edwin] to join the group as a guitar player, and then I asked Jack, who I worked with at the time, to be the bassist, and then Myles, who I met through a student organization. It became kind of a weird eclectic group of people who I didn’t really know for the most part, but we played a show at Trumpet Blossom and it worked out.

Evangelista: I think we had only one practice as a full five-piece the night before the show.

What are some career highlights so far?

Evan Weidl: Winning the battle of the bands was the best moment for us because everything that we had built during the months before was on full display during the show. It felt like a moment of maximum potential.

Svoboda: Also, when we were recording, that was a great time. We were letting our creative juices flow; it felt like we were on fire. Having a product of your band’s creation out there is something really valuable.

How would you describe your part in the Iowa City music scene? How do you fit in?

Chloe Weidl: I really like the Iowa City music scene because it feels collaborative rather than competitive. In bigger cities like Nashville, everyone is kind of cutthroat in order to get to the top but, here, bands are much more willing to support and help build the foundation of another band. Everyone collaborates. We’ve had some people featured in our shows and we’ve been featured in other shows, so it’s really cool to see all the projects that have come through blending together. It’s very supportive.

What are your favorite parts about performing live?

Evangelista: That mentality also applies to the audience we bring in. Our shows are for everybody. They’re a safe space. They see the energy that we bring, and they feel safe, especially for folks who may not necessarily be comfortable at other rock shows like femme-presenting folks or queer folks. It feels nice to know we can bring that safe space to the scene.

Editor’s note: Evan Weidl and Jack Moore are employed at The Daily Iowan.

Jami Martin-Trainor, Natalie Dunlap, and Evan Weidl are the executive producers of Headliners. Sound production was by Dan Miller, and videography and editing were by Emily Nyberg and Cody Blissett.

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