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Live updates | Iowa men’s wrestling takes on Iowa State in Ames

The matchup, set for 2 p.m., will be the first regular-season college dual meet to be broadcast live on ESPN.
Ayrton Breckenridge
Iowa’s No. 1 141-pound Real Woods walks onto the mat before wrestling Oregon State’s No. 20 Cleveland Belton during a men’s wrestling dual between No. 3 Iowa and No. 16 Oregon State at Carver-Hawkeye Arena on Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023. Woods defeated Belton by technical fall, 18-3. The Hawkeyes defeated the Beavers, 25-11.

AMES, Iowa — The fourth-ranked Iowa men’s wrestling team will have a tall task against No. 8 Iowa State in front of a packed Hilton Coliseum on Sunday.

The match is set for 2 p.m. and will be the first-ever regular-season college dual meet to be broadcast on ESPN.

The Hawkeyes have won 18 straight over the Cyclones, and Sunday’s matchup is expected to be one for the ages.

According to Steven Grace, who calls Iowa wrestling on the radio alongside Mark Ironside, Gabe Arnold will wrestle at 184 pounds against the Cyclones. He wrestled at 174 in Iowa’s dual meet against Oregon State.

Patrick Kennedy will make his season debut at 174 pounds. He finished runner-up at the Big Ten Championships last season at 165.

The dual will start at 125 pounds.

125 pounds: Drake Ayala (IA) over Kysen Terukina (ISU) via decision 

Fans are packed to the brim inside Hilton, and the atmosphere is absolutely electric. Ayala will try and bounce back after his loss against Oregon State in a must-win bout for both squads.

Period 1: Terukina goes in for a shot within the first minute, but Ayala fights it off. Ayala gets in on his opponents right leg and is in deep but is unable to finish. 0-0 after three minutes.

Period 2: Terukina escapes in just a couple of seconds to score the first point of the dual meet. Ayala gets a hold of Terukina’s right leg again, and finishes this time on the edge. It took a while for the ref to give Ayala the takedown, and as Ironside said on the radio right next to me, it took away from possible riding time. The pair goes out-of-bounds, comes back to the middle, and Terukina escapes. 3-2 Ayala after two periods.

Period 3: Ayala escapes to start the final two minutes to increase his lead to 4-2. Ayala is called for stalling with 18 seconds left. Terukina goes in for another shot, but Ayala resists, gets ahold of Terukina’s leg and drags him back toward the center of the mat before taking him down to seal the match. This new three-point takedown rule makes a close match get out of reach fast.

Ayala wins, 7-2.

Iowa 3, Iowa State o

133 pounds:  Evan Frost (ISU) over Brody Teske (IA)  via decision 

Period 1: Ironside says on the radio that Teske can’t give any momentum back to the Cyclones, and he’s absolutely right. A long scramble gets the crowd on their feet but ends in zero points. The pair hand fights for the remaining seconds. No score.

Period 2: Frost starts on bottom, and Teske doesn’t let him up easily, slamming the Cyclone back to the mat. Frost eventually escapes with about a minute left to go up, 1-0. Teske has ahold of Frost’s left leg but is unable to finish before the clock strikes zero. Frost up, 1-0.

Period 3: Teske starts on bottom and escapes 26 seconds in. Tied 1-1. Frost takes a quick shot and earns the three-point takedown. He tilts Teske on his back but doesn’t earn near-fall points. He tilts him again, and this time earns a four-point near fall, riding him out until the end of the bout. Frost ends the match with just under a minute of riding time. It is absolutely deafening inside Hilton right now.

Frost wins, 8-1.

Iowa 3, Iowa State 3

141 pounds: Real Woods (IA) over Anthony Echemendia (ISU) via sudden victory 

There are quite a few Hawkeyes fans here in Hilton. Each Iowa wrestler receives a solid ovation when their name is called. It would be huge for Woods to get bonus points here.

Period 1: Lots of hand fighting but no scoring in the first three minutes.

Period 2: Woods chooses to start down and escapes quickly. The Hawkeye, who is usually a fast-paced scorer, is having trouble getting in on Echemendia. Woods leads, 1-0.

Period 3: Echemendia chooses neutral to start the third. Woods is called for stalling less than 20 seconds in. Locked hands called about 40 seconds in. The pair will go back to the center of the mat. Woods is called for stalling again, so it’s tied 1-1. Echemendia throws Woods to the mat, the pair scrambles, and possible danger to the head is called.

Sudden victory: Woods takes a quick shot right as the whistle blows and finishes to get the win. Cyclone fans inside Hilton boo Woods as he walks off the mat, and then one of the Brands brothers has a short interaction with an Iowa State fan across the mat, igniting more boos in Ames. The hatred between these two teams is no secret.

Woods wins, 4-1.

Iowa 6, Iowa State 3

149 pounds: Casey Swiderski (ISU) over Victor Voinovich (IA) via decision 

Period 1: Swiderski takes down the Hawkeye in about 40 seconds. The pair goes out-of-bounds before Voinovich can escape his opponents’ grip. The pair goes back to the center, Voinovich on the bottom. Voinovich escapes and trails, 3-1. The Hawkeye gets taken down again but escapes right before the buzzer. Voinovich trails, 6-2.

Period 2: Voinovich chooses down and escapes in five seconds, cutting his deficit to three. Voinovich is called for stalling right before the clock hits zero.

Period 3: Swiderski chooses neutral to start the final two minutes. Voinovich doesn’t get in on a shot.

Swiderski wins, 6-3.

Iowa 6, Iowa State 6

157 pounds: Jared Franek (IA) over Cody Chittum (ISU) via decision 

Period 1: Franek strikes first with a takedown, but Chittum immediately escapes. The pair hand-fights the remainder of the period. Franek leads, 3-1.

Period 2: Chittum starts on bottom and escapes in about 20 seconds to cut his deficit to one. Franek leads, 3-2.

Period 3: Franek starts down and escapes in 10 seconds to go up by two. Franek gets in on a leg but can’t finish before the pair goes out-of-bounds. Chittum gets in on a shot, but Franek does a nice job of extending his legs to avoid the Cyclone from gaining any more leverage. Chittum gets on top of Franek right as the buzzer sounds, but the refs say the pair were out-of-bounds. Cyclone fans disagree, and it is being reviewed. A takedown would give Chittum a 5-4 win.

The ref comes out to the center of the mat and signals no takedown. Hilton erupts with boos. Time for a 10-minute intermission.

Franek wins, 4-2.

Iowa 9, Iowa State 6

165 pounds: David Carr (ISU) over Michael Caliendo (IA) via major decision

Carr is a tough wrestler. This will be a huge test for Caliendo, who transferred to Iowa from North Dakota State.

Period 1: Carr earns a takedown less than a minute in. Caliendo escapes near the edge, and then a blood timeout is called for the Hawkeye. 3-1 Carr after three minutes.

Period 2: Caliendo chooses the down position. Caliendo escapes in less than 20 seconds. Caliendo is called for his second stall warning, a point is awarded to Carr. The Cyclone then scores another takedown, and another blood timeout is called for the Hawkeye. Carr scores another takedown to go up by seven, and the Hawkeye is bleeding again. Cyclone fans aren’t happy Caliendo gets his third blood timeout. Carr leads, 10-3.

Period 3: Carr chooses the down position. Caution on Carr for jumping the gun. He then escapes in eight seconds. Iowa is called for another stall warning. Carr dominates the rest of the way en route to a major decision– the first bonus points scored of the day. Carr eclipsed 1:19 of riding time.

Carr wins, 16-4.

Iowa State 10, Iowa 9

174 pounds: Patrick Kennedy (IA) over MJ Gaitan (ISU) via decision 

Period 1: Kennedy has a sleeve of padding on his right knee. The Hawkeye strikes first in his season debut with a takedown. Gaitan escapes quickly. Kennedy extends his legs to avoid a takedown and earns a takedown of his own on the edge of the mat. The pair goes out and heads back to the middle, Kennedy on top. Gaitan escapes with about 50 seconds left in the period. Kennedy stays aggressive and scores another takedown. He rides him the rest of the way. Kennedy leads, 9-2.

Period 2: Gaitan chooses the down position and escapes in less than five seconds. Gaitan nearly tilts the Hawkeye, but Kennedy works through the scramble and ends up on top. He scores another takedown. Gaitan escapes. Kennedy leads, 12-4.

Period 3: Kennedy chooses neutral. Gaitan gets his first takedown of the match and then lets Kennedy escape. Gaitan scores two more takedowns to cut his lead to one and milks down Kennedy’s riding time to under a minute. Kennedy holds on. Both wrestlers look gassed.

Kennedy wins, 14-13.

Iowa 12, Iowa State 10

184 pounds: Gabe Arnold (IA) over Will Feldkamp (ISU) via decision 

Period 1: Arnold picks the Cyclone up and slams him to the ground for a takedown. The pair go out-of-bounds and back to the center. Arnold rides him the rest of the way. He leads, 2-0.

Period 2: Feldkamp escapes to start the period. Arnold is called for his second stall warning, point to Feldkamp. Arnold was hanging on to Felkamp’s legs in the standing positing for too long, so that’s why the stall was called. Arnold leads, 3-2.

Period 3: Arnold chooses neutral. Arnold fight off any shots by Feldkamp and wins his Cy-Hawk debut. Arnold cups his ear and looks up at the Cyclone crowd as he walks off the mat.

Arnold wins, 3-2.

Iowa 15, Iowa State 10

197 pounds: Zach Glazier (IA) over Julien Broderson (ISU) via decision 

A win here would seal the match for the Hawkeyes.

Period 1: Glazier gets ahold of Broderson’s left leg and scores a takedown. The Cyclone escapes shortly after. Glazier leads, 3-1.

Period 2: Broderson starts on bottom and escapes. Glazier nearly has a takedown, but Broderson slips out. Glazier comes right back and redeems himself with a takedown. A “Let’s Go Hawks” chant breaks out in Hilton as the second period winds down. Glazier leads, 6-3.

Period 3: Glazier starts down and escapes in five seconds. Glazier holds on to win by decision. Hawkeye fans are on their feet, and Cyclone fans are starting to flee the building.

Glazier wins, 7-3.

Iowa 18, Iowa State 10

285 pounds: Yonger Bastida (ISU) over Bradley Hill (IA) bis major decision  

Period 1: Bastida takes down Hill about a minute and a half in. Hill escapes and is called for stalling.

Period 2: Hill escapes. Bastida gets a takedown on the edge to go up by four. The pair exchanges another takedown and escape. Hill trails, 9-4.

Period 3: Bastida continues to control the bout. Hill is just outmatched in this one. Bastida takes the final match of the day via major decision.

Bastida wins, 17-6.

The Hawkeyes win their 19th straight over the Cyclones.

FINAL: Iowa 18, Iowa State 14

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