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Live updates | Iowa men’s wrestling opens home slate against Oregon State

The No. 3 Hawkeyes will take on the No. 16 Beavers on Sunday at noon inside a packed Carver-Hawkeye Arena
Daniel McGregor-Huyer
Iowa head coach Tom Brands watches a 141-pound match between No.2 Real Woods and No.6 Frankie Tal-Scharar during a dual between Iowa and Northwestern at Carver-Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City on Jan. 14, 2023. The Hawkeyes defeated the Wildcats, 27-9.

No. 3 Iowa men’s wrestling will open its home slate against No. 16 Oregon State on Sunday at noon.

The Hawkeyes are 1-0 while the Beavers sit at 3-0 on the season.

It will be a packed crowd on Sunday, as Carver-Hawkeye Arena is sold out for the men’s wrestling season for the third straight year. The Hawkeyes have won 31 of their last 32 home duals.

The Hawkeyes will be without 157-pounder Cobe Siebrecht, 174-pounder Nelson Brands, 184-pounder Abe Assad, and heavyweight Tony Cassioppi, who are each involved in the sports wagering investigation.

Patrick Kennedy, the Big Ten runner-up at 165 pounds last season, is not listed on the starting lineup and is also suspected of being involved in the gambling scandal.

Head coach Tom Brands said Wednesday that two wrestlers appealed their punishments and are waiting to hear back, but he did not specify who.

The NCAA decided on June 8 that all takedowns will be worth three points instead of two.

The panel also decided to create a three-point near fall. Previously, officials could award two or four points for near falls. This change was enacted to encourage wrestlers to be more creative in attempting to score points, according to the NCAA.

Sunday’s dual will be streamed on Big Ten Plus with AJ Reisetter and former Hawkeye wrestler Alex Marinelli on the call.

The matchup will also be available on AM 800 KXIC and audio streamed online at (via YouTube).

This is a developing story. Check back for updates. 

125 pounds: No. 18 Brandon Kaylor (OSU) over No. 12 Drake Ayala (IA) via decision

Period 1: Ayala records the first takedown of the day with about 20 seconds remaining.

Period 2: Kaylor starts on bottom and escapes in about 30 seconds. Kaylor then takes down Ayala to take a 4-3 advantage, but Ayala quickly escapes to knot the score back up at four apiece.

Period 3: Ayala starts on bottom and escapes within 30 seconds. Kaylor scores a takedown on the edge of the mat and leads, 7-5, with 20 seconds left in the bout. Ayala quickly escapes, and the crowd wants a stalling call but doesn’t get one. Kaylor finally gets a stalling call in the waning seconds.

Kaylor holds on to win the match, 7-6.

Oregon State 3, Iowa 0

133 pounds: No. 9 Brody Teske (IA) over No. 22 Gabe Whisenhunt (OSU) via major decision

Period 1: Whisenhunt strikes first with a takedown, but Teske escapes. Teske slips his arm out from under his opponent’s grasp to take full control and score a three-point takedown. He then tilts Whisenhunt for a two-point near fall. Teske receives a stalling warning in the last 15 seconds. Teske leads, 6-3, at the end of the period with 1:22 of riding time.

Period 2: Teske rides Whisenhunt the entire period and heads into the final two minutes with 3:22 of riding time.

Period 3: Teske escapes right away and forces Whisenhunt to the mat for a three-point takedown. Teske lets his opponent up for an escape and attacks again for a three-point takedown on the edge. Whisenhunt responds with a takedown of his own, but Teske escapes and scores yet another takedown. Teske rides his opponent for the rest of the match to eclipse 3:49 of riding time.

Teske wins, 18-8.

Iowa 4, Oregon State 3

141 pounds: No. 1 Real Woods (IA) over No. 20 Cleveland Belton (OSU) via technical fall

Period 1: The reigning national runner-up starts quickly and earns control, but Woods isn’t awarded the takedown until 40 seconds in. Woods rides Belton for the remainder of the period, tilting him for a two-point near fall in the process. Woods leads, 5-0, with 2:19 of riding time after three minutes.

Period 2: Woods chooses to start on bottom and quickly escapes. The pair stays neutral, no scoring for the rest of the period.

Period 3: Woods continues to impose his will in the third period. A couple takedowns and a stalling point seal the deal for Real. Woods leads 17-3 as the clock hits zero but is rewarded another point for riding time.

Woods wins, 18-3.

Iowa 9, Oregon State 3

149 pounds: No. 9 Victor Voinovich III (IA) over Nash Singleton (OSU) via sudden victory

Period 1: Voinovich makes his Carver debut in a Hawkeye singlet. Singleton strikes first with a takedown. Voinovich escapes and the pair scraps on the edge until time runs out.

Period 2: Voinovich escapes to start the period, cutting his deficit to one. Voinovich takes a shot and holds on to Singleton’s left leg but can’t complete the takedown before time expires.

Period 3: The pair starts neutral. Singelton is penalized with a stall warning with about 45 seconds left. He is penalized with another stall warning in the final seconds, handing Voinovich a point to knot the match and head to sudden victory.

Sudden victory: Voinovich scores a takedown to seal the victory, igniting the Hawkeye faithful.

Voinovich wins, 4-3.

Iowa 12, Oregon State 3

157 pounds: No. 2 Jared Franek (IA) over Murphy Menke (OSU) via decision

Period 1: Franek strikes first in his Carver-Hawkeye Arena debut. Menke escapes.

Period 2: Franek escapes from the bottom in 20 seconds to take a 4-1 lead. It was the only score of the period.

Period 3: Franek increases his lead to 7-3 with a takedown. Menke is called for stalling with about 30 seconds left. Franek takes one final shot on Menke’s right leg and scores a takedown as the buzzer sounds.

Franek wins, 10-3.

Iowa 15, Oregon State 3

165 pounds: No. 5 Michael Caliendo (IA) over Kekana Fouret (OSU) via decision

Period 1: Fouret wastes no time taking down Caliendo. The Hawkeye quickly escapes. The pair hand fights for a while until Fouret scores another takedown to lead, 6-2.

Period 2: Caliendo earns an escape to start the period. He then knots the score with a three-point takedown, but Oregon State is challenging the call. The takedown is confirmed. Fouret escapes and Caliendo scores a takedown in the final 10 seconds to regain the lead.

Period 3: Fouret escapes to start the final period. Caliendo scores a takedown to lead, 12-8. The pair goes out-of-bounds and heads back to the middle. Fouret escapes from the bottom position. Calideno’s strength shines through as he forces his opponent down to the mat for another takedown.

Caliendo wins, 15-10.

Iowa 18, Oregon State 3

174 pounds: Gabe Arnold (IA) over No. 11 Travis Wittlake (OSU) via decision

Period 1: Arnold makes his Hawkeye debut, marking the fifth straight year a true freshman has made an appearance in Iowa’s dual lineup. Lots of hand fighting, but no scoring as time runs out.

Period 2: Arnold chooses to start on bottom and escapes in 17 seconds. Carver-Hawkeye Arena explodes as Arnold throws Wittlake to the mat and scores his first takedown. Wittlake escapes. Arnold leads, 4-1.

Period 3: Wittlake starts on bottom. Wittlake escapes right before Arnold hits a minute of riding time. Arnold fights off any last shots from Wittlake to seal the victory.

Arnold wins, 4-2.

Iowa 21, Oregon State 3

184 pounds:  No. 3 Trey Munoz (OSU) over No. 29 Brennan Swafford (IA) via technical fall

Period 1: Munoz takes down Swafford twice, and Swafford escapes twice. Munoz leads, 6-2.

Period 2: Munoz takes Swafford down again and tilts him for a four-point near fall. Munoz continues to tack on points and wins, 20-4, before the second period ends.

Munoz wins, 20-4.

Iowa 21, Oregon State 8

197 pounds: No. 23 Zach Glazier (IA) over No. 31 Justin Rademacher (OSU) via major decision

Period 1: Rademacher gets on the board first with a takedown. Rademacher racks up 49 seconds of riding time before Glazier escapes. Glazier takes a 4-3 lead with a takedown in the waning seconds of the period.

Period 2: Rademacher starts on bottom and escapes to tie it up. With about 50 seconds left, Glazier earns a takedown. Rademacher quickly escapes. The Hawkeye leads, 7-5.

Period 3: Glazier escapes and swings his legs around Rademacher for a takedown. Glazier tilts Rademacher on the edge of the mat. One ref counts it as a two-point near fall, but the other ref says the two grapplers were out-of-bounds. The call is being reviewed. After review, no near fall points awarded to Glazier. The Hawkeye comes right back and scores a takedown to seal a major decision win.

Glazier wins, 14-6, with 57 seconds of riding time.

Iowa 25, Oregon State 8

Heavyweight: No. 22 Boone McDermott (OSU) over Bradley Hill (IA) via decision

Period 1: McDermott scores a takedown at the buzzer.

Period 2: McDermott starts on bottom and escapes. Hill trails, 4-0.

Period 3: Hill escapes. Blood time is called for Hill with 32 seconds left. Hill is unable to knot it up with a takedown and falls.

McDermott wins, 4-1.

FINAL: Iowa 25, Oregon State 11

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