SweepSlots No Deposit Bonus Codes: Get SweepSlots Login Bonus


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Sweepstakes casinos, like Sweepslots, offer a fun experience to those who want to play slots and other online games but who do not live in a state where signing up with a regular online casino is allowed. This experience starts with a bonus, so to get off to the best start, you need to know which SweepSlots no deposit bonus codes to use.

That’s not all you’ll need to know, because if you haven’t seen anything like SweepSlots before, you won’t know how a sweepstakes casino works, and how you can redeem real money prizes. Once you have that background information, you will have a much better idea of what to do.

  • Free opportunity to play: The Stake.us Exclusive Bonus Codes provide a chance to play games without making a deposit, giving players the opportunity to explore the site risk-free.
  • Easy to use: Redeeming the SweepSlots Login Bonus is a simple process, and players can easily enter the code and start playing without any complications.
  • Increased chances of winning: With the SweepSlots No Deposit Bonus Codes, players can increase their chances of winning without having to spend their own money. This makes it a great option for those who want to try their luck without risking their own funds.

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Why SweepSlots no deposit bonus codes can be vitally important

To start off, you need to know what a sweepstakes casino is, so you can ascertain why you might need a code in the first place. A sweepstake casino is a type of social casino where slots and other casino games are played using virtual coins instead of money. This different approach makes social casinos like SweepsSlots legal across pretty much all of the US, with Washington excluded because its legislative differences.

The coins at social casinos are typically named gold coins, although that is often shortened to GC when you see it used onscreen. These can be played on the games available on the site. You can win more gold coin, which will ultimately result in more gameplay funds and, therefore, added time on the platform. This is all for enjoyment only, and you cannot withdraw your gold coins as they have no cash value.

In most cases, Gold Coins can be gained for free using various promotions. In some cases, you can purchase added bundles of coins if you want to. There is usually no need for this at the better operator sites though.

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What is a sweepstakes casino?

A sweepstakes casino, like SweepsSlots, is a type of social casino with an important difference. Here, you can redeem real prizes. This does not make it gambling, but you do need to be aware of all of how it all works before you get started.

This is achieved at SweepsSlots and other social casinos by using a second type of coin. This is called a sweeps coin, and accumulating enough of these, as well as meeting other requirements, will allow you to redeem these coins for a cash prize. This element is key to the experience for so many people, so getting as many as possible is important. This is where SweepSlots no deposit bonus codes can come in.

Using SweepSlots no deposit bonus codes to get a welcome bonus

When you join a sweepstakes casino like SweepsSlots, you would normally expect to get a large number of both types of virtual coins when you first join up. This is common practice because sweepstakes casinos are competing for customers, and need to create an attractive offer so you sign up with them rather than one of their competitors.

The size and shape of this offer is commonly decided by a bonus code, but that is not always the case. Currently, you do not need any sort of SweepSlots no deposit bonus codes to sign-up, you just need to follow the right link to reach the sign-up page to get started.

Once you have completed registration and ID verification, you will get your welcome bonus and can begin playing the games on the site. You will also be able to see what other bonuses are available at SweepsSlots.

The daily login bonus

SweepsSlots is similar to other sweepstakes casinos in that the welcome bonus is not the only bonus you receive, You will also get a daily bonus of up to 1000 GC and 10 more sweeps coins (also called SC) just for logging in. While it is, of course, there to encourage you to play every day, if you are busy you could always just log in to collect the coins and come back the next day. This way,  you don’t miss out on your bonus.

Again, this daily bonus does not need a SweepSlots no deposit bonus code to claim, you just need to be consistent. However, it might leave you with another question, which is not a quick one to answer.

If there is a SweepSlots no deposit bonus, does that mean there is a ‘deposit’ bonus?

Social and sweepstakes casinos are built around the fact that you do not have to part with money at any point in the process, if you don’t want to. This is how these types of casinos are able to operate where so many others can’t – bringing an enjoyable gaming experience to players across the US.

However, once you have used up all of your coins from your welcome or your daily login bonus, along with any others you may have acquired, you might choose to buy some more GC to carry on playing for longer. SweepsSlots, and every other sweepstakes casino, wmake it very plain that any sort of purchase on the site will not affect your chances of winning any sort of prize.

Buying more coins

SweepSlots will also make it very plain that you cannot buy more sweeps coins. You can, however, receive a modest amount as a free gift when you purchase a coin pack. At first glance, buying a pack of coins might seem confusing because the site is full of banners pointing you to ‘first deposit bonuses’ (where you get a 100% match). This sounds like something you might see in a regular real money casino, but while the offer is 100% legit, it could be worded a little better.

First of all, this won’t be a deposit, because you can’t make a withdrawal, so the term “purchase” instead of “deposit would” have made things clearer. This offer simply means that when any coin package is bought for $20 or more, the number of both GC and SC you receive is doubled. There are also subsequent bonuses for further purchases that work along the same lines, only for differing percentages.

Other ways to get more SC that don’t require SweepSlots no deposit bonus codes

All SC need to be given for free, legally. There is another way to get more of them aside from using conventional bonuses. While it may seem archaic, you can get a further 100 SC by mailing in and asking for some.

The entry needs to be handwritten, and contain specific details laid out in the terms and conditions of the site. It is a little more labor intensive than the other methods but there is nothing lost by doing this. If you tick all the boxes needed for the submission, you’ll be given free sweepstakes coins.

Things you need to remember when using your SweepSlots bonuses

These codes might not be a key to your experience at SweepSlots currently, but there are some key things to remember about getting the most from the bonuses.

Make sure you log in every day

You can get as many as 1000 GC and 10 SC each day you log in to SweepsSlots, and even if you choose not to play every day, these can certainly accumulate if you remember to log in consistently.

Know the difference between the two different types of coins in your bonus

In your bonus, you will get both GC and SC. GC can only be used for playing games and winning other GC. SC, on the other hand, are played with but can be redeemed for cash prizes.

Use your bonus GC effectively

In your bonus, you will get a large number of GC and a smaller amount of SC. For instance you get 1000 GC and only 10 SC. So, when you are playing the games on the site, you should use the GC to test the waters and see how the games work, rather than wasting SC in the learning process.

Comparing the SweepSlots bonus to other social casinos

Sweepslots vs Stake.us

Stake.us is another sweepstakes casino with a wide range of games. In fact it has slots, table games, and live games on the games roster along with Stake Originals, which are exclusive to the site. The initial bonus is different too. Instead of a haul of coins when you join, you can access an exclusive 5% rakeback offer when you use code CRYPTGAMBL at registration. This means you have some of your losses credited back to your account each week.

Sweepslots vs Betrivers.net

Betrivers.net is very different from Sweepslots in that it is a regular social casino, and any bonuses you get here are just in one type of coin. There is no initial bonus for you either. Instead, you spin to win a number of coins each day, so you never know what you are going to get.

Sweepslots vs. Pulsz

Pulsz is a more conventional sweepstakes casino, which like SweepSlots, is focused on slots with some table games. The bonus on registration here does not require any sort of code, but is made up of 5000 GC + 2.9 SC. these are delivered incrementally to your account over the first three days of your time there.

Conclusion – Sweepslots bonuses are key to your experience

As you can see, SweepSlots has lots to offer, and even though you don’t need SweepSlots no deposit bonus codes to claim any of the bonuses, it’s plain those promotions are an important part of your experience.

The large number of GC available when you join-up and each time you sign-in, allows you to get enjoyment from playing the games and winning yet more GC. Even if your focus is a cash prize (which you can get by redeeming SC), the bonuses are by far the easiest way to add to your balance.

SweepSlots No Deposit Bonus Codes FAQ

Do you need a SweepSlots no deposit bonus code to claim the bonus at SweepSlots?

Bonus codes are often used to activate special offers for new customers at sweepstakes casinos. This is not the case here, nor is it necessary for the daily bonus, which you can claim simply by logging in.

How many SC do you get in the SweepsSlots daily bonus?

Along with plenty of GC, you will get 10 SC each day that you login. These cannot be redeemed immediately. Sc need to be played before they become redeemable, and traded for a cash prize.

Can you use the SweepsSlots bonuses on all of the games

SweepsSlots has a range of slots, a selection of card games, and some lottery games available on the site. All of these are available to play with both the GC and SC you receive in the bonus, as there are no exclusions.