UI USG allocates $10,000 from contingency fund to support APACC anniversary

The finance legislation comes after a previous presentation from APACC representatives regarding the 20th anniversary of the center at the UI.


Matt Sindt

Senators listen to speakers at a University Student Government meeting in the Black Box Theater in the Iowa Memorial Union on Monday, Oct. 17, 2022.

Archie Wagner, News Reporter

University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government passed legislation at its meeting Tuesday to allocate $10,000 from its contingency fund in support of the Asian Pacific American Cultural Center at UI. 

The contingency fund supports large-scale projects that help university staff, students, and the greater community.

The Asian Pacific American Cultural Center will celebrate its 20th anniversary on the UI campus in April. The allocated funds are slated to finance events for the anniversary celebration.

The legislation was introduced by Sen. Amisha Mohanty and Sen. Addison Eckard

“It’s going to be a really great event. It’s really important for us to fund things like this and support these communities and allow them to celebrate,” Eckard said. 

Mohanty said the legislation is also meant to set a precedent of undergraduate student government support toward cultural centers on campus and welcome similar legislation in the future. 

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USG director of finance Robert Jepsen said at the meeting it is important the legislation was supported by members of the government.

“Thank you all for passing that legislation,” Jepsen said. “That’s going to do great work and help out so many students at Iowa.”

The passing of funds comes after Kayla Nguyen, the coordinator for the Asian Pacific American Cultural Center, and Lisa Truong, a center programming assistant, presented to USG at its Feb. 28 meeting detailing the desire for support from the government for the center. 

“​​During April, the APACC typically curates seven events highlighting and celebrating AAPI identities. With the upcoming celebration, we’re actually extending our seven events to 17,” Nguyen said at the Feb. 28 meeting.

In the past, the cultural center only budgeted $40 to $50 per event, Nguyen said. 

“Funding allocations can help us with collaborations with our student org and campus partners and potentially increase our funding for each event,” she said. “If you’re able to sponsor us as well, we hope to invite more keynote speakers and alumni.”