Federal mask requirement on Iowa City transit vehicles extended to April 18

The U.S. Transportation Secretary Administration extended the federal mandate this week.


Braden Ernst

An Iowa City community member loads their bike onto the front of a new electric transit bus on February 3, 2022. Iowa City is currently battling a bus driver shortage to start the new year. (Braden Ernst/The Daily Iowan)

Emily Delgado, News Reporter

Face masks will continue to be required on Iowa City Transit vehicles for at least another month, after the U.S. Transportation Security Administration extended the mandate until April 18.

The extension includes the wearing of masks on transit stops, transit interchange, boarding the bus as well as riding the bus.

Iowa City’s Transportation Director announced the extension on Friday. This announcement comes after Mayor Bruce Teague lifted the mask mandate in Iowa City.

“We want to thank Iowa City Transit passengers who have masked up to help keep themselves and the community safe during the pandemic,” Darian Nagle-Gamm, Iowa City’s Transportation Director said in a press release.

Nagle-Gamm said that individuals who fail to not comply with the federal law may lose the privilege to ride in the Iowa City Transit system.

Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague lifted the mask mandate in public places at the end of February, but masks were still required in the city’s transportation per the federal regulation. Masks are also required on the University of Iowa’s CAMBUS system.