Mayor Bruce Teague issues statement in support of Ukraine, NATO

Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague opened Tuesday’s City Council meeting by voicing disdain for Russia and President Vladimir Putin’s acts while voicing support for NATO, President Joe Biden, and other allies standing against the Russian invasion.


Gabby Drees

Mayor Bruce Teague speaks at an Iowa City City Council meeting at the Senior Center in Iowa City on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022..

Ryan Hansen, News Reporter

Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague began Tuesday’s Iowa City City Council meeting voicing his support for Ukraine and opposition to the actions of the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin.

“We watched Russian President Vladimir Putin launch his invasion of Ukraine, striving to illegally rip the nation away from its democratically-elected rulers and recreate it as a puppet of his Russian regime,” Teague said. “We stand with the people of Ukraine who, despite being outgunned and outmanned, are putting up a fierce fight and laying down their lives to protect their country and their freedoms.”

Teague also voiced support for President Joe Biden and the sanctions his administration placed on Russia last week. He said he also supports NATO, the European Union, and other nations who have voiced disapproval of the Russian invasion.

He concluded his statement with support for dissenters within Russia, who “risked their lives to take to the streets of Russian cities and protest.”

He said areas around Iowa City, including the Pedestrian Mall, would be lit up in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

“I ask everyone in Iowa City to join me in putting all of these brave souls in our hearts and minds, and to continue to speak out on behalf of Ukraine,” Teague said.