USG resolution addresses sexual misconduct, calls for members of Greek life to release statement in support of survivors

On Tuesday night, the University of Iowa’s Undergraduate Student Government passed a resolution addressing sexual misconduct on campus and urged Fraternity and Sorority Life members to release a statement in support of survivors.

Ryan Hansen, New Reporter

The University of Iowa’s Undergraduate Student Government passed a resolution with the goal of addressing issues of sexual misconduct at the UI and “any location where sexual misconduct has taken place,” while providing further resources to survivors at its first meeting Tuesday.

The resolution was introduced by Senators Logan Williams and Joshua Brown and titled the “Standing With Survivors Resolution.”

It calls for all members of Fraternity and Sorority life to “release a statement dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual misconduct or share this resolution in support of survivors.” Members of the USG Senate voted unanimously in favor of passing the resolution.

This resolution comes one week after a protest of over 2,000 people took place at the University of Iowa’s Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. For three consecutive nights, protesters called for the removal of the chapter based on September 2020 sexual assault allegations against members of the fraternity.

Several University of Iowa administrators have released statements in the past week in support of survivors of sexual assault.

“We all play a part in ensuring a safe campus community,” Dean of Students Angie Reams wrote in an email on Tuesday afternoon. “Sexual misconduct is unacceptable and putting a stop to it on our campus starts with each of us.”

Tuesday night’s USG resolution also expresses solidarity with all survivors, whether or not they have reported their assaults.

“No student should deal with sexual misconduct on campus,” Williams said. “This resolution sends a strong, expansive message.”

The resolution encouraged members of the community to seek out resources if they have been the subject of sexual misconduct.

It also stated that USG is “committed to working with the UI Rape Victim Advocacy Program, the UI Women’s Resources and Action Center,” and other campus and community partners to find ways to prevent sexual misconduct, while also providing “impactful” support for survivors.

USG External Relations Committee Chair and Senator Sam Stucky praised the creation of this resolution.

“Sexual misconduct is not unique to the University of Iowa, but it is a problem here,” she said.