University of Iowa reports 113 new COVID-19 cases

In a campus update on Friday, the University of Iowa reported 111 new self-reported COVID-19 cases in students and two new cases in employees.


Jenna Galligan

The Old Capitol is seen on Thursday, March 12, 2020.

Alexandra Skores, Managing Editor

The University of Iowa has reported 113 new self-reported COVID-19 cases since Sept. 9, with 111 cases within the student population and two among employees. The total comes just nearly a week after the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Since Sept. 9, there have been 1,732 self-reported COVID-19 cases among students and 23 among employees. There are currently three students in quarantine in the residence halls and 48 students in self-isolation in the residence halls.

According to a metro area data collection from The New York Times, Iowa City is currently ranked at 28 for the greatest number of new cases relative to population. Ames, Iowa, home of Iowa State University, is currently ranked at 20.

Friday’s campus update included a reminder for student health and safety expectations enforced by the Office of the Dean of Students. 109 reports have been made for failing to social distance, 106 reports have been made for failing to wear a face covering, 35 reports have been made for failing to follow guest policy expectations, and six reports have been made for failing to follow quarantine/isolation expectations.