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The Daily Iowan wants to hear about your experiences on campus.


Michael Guhin

The Daily Iowan newsroom is seen on Feb. 26, 2019.

Alexandra Skores, Managing Editor

The University of Iowa campus has changed drastically since we all left in March. Classes are mostly online, masks are required almost everywhere you go, and social distancing is a norm. COVID-19 has changed the world around us. Whether you have been a Hawkeye for many years, or this is your first, things are different. The Daily Iowan wants to hear from you, our readers. How has your own life changed since you have been back? What does life at Iowa look like from your point of view?  The DI is accepting guest submissions to our “Life at Iowa” dropbox. Students, faculty, staff, or any Hawkeye interested is invited to share their story. Visit our website to submit a Word Document or share a Google document with [email protected] to submit. Submissions should be between 200-400 words and may be edited for AP style changes. We look forward to giving you a space to share your story, Hawkeyes.