UISG amends student-athlete liaison to become representative position

The permanent student-athlete liaison position is being changed to a representative position to improve the capabilities of student-athlete members.


Emily Wangen

University of Iowa Student Government Senators listen to a presentation during a meeting in the IMU on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019.

Mitchell Griffin, News Reporter

University of Iowa Student Government unanimously voted to install a permanent student-athlete liaison position last academic year. On the 100th anniversary of UISG on Tuesday, the student organization modified bylaws for the representative position.

The student-athlete position will now be referred to as a representative instead of liaison. According to UISG documents, the representative will not hold any voting powers but will have the ability to speak on the Senate floor.

As previously reported by The Daily Iowan, the lack of voting ability is established to prevent any potential conflicts of interest between the university administration and UISG.

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“As defined currently, the liaison position serves as speaking member of the Senate but not having formal voting privileges,” said UISG Speaker Pro Tempore Noah Wick. “With student-athletes in particular, it’s to make sure they aren’t getting into conflict-of-interest territory.”

Current student-athlete representative Marissa Mueller initially brought UISG’s attention to the necessary changes, Wick said.

At its meeting Tuesday, UISG unanimously passed changes to the student-athlete position bylaws. Changes included the new title and expanding language to protect representatives from necessary absences due to NCAA rules, as well as potential violations of team rules.

The language was also adapted to protect athletes’ ability to participate in UISG who are unable to play due to medical issues.

A final change will allow representatives in this position to hold their office hours at Gerdin Athletic Learning Center.

UISG initially created the position in March to increase collaboration between their organization and student athletes. As previously reported by the DI, the position was designed to give the student-athlete community an opportunity to communicate its unique interests.

“It seems like student-athletes are really in a bubble on the West Side,” said then co-chair of the Iowa Student Athlete Advisory Committee Ben Collins in March. “We’re trying to integrate them back into [the campus].”