UISG launches new online newsletter for student body

University of Iowa Student Government’s new monthly newsletter is another step towards its goal to create more transparency within the organization.


Emily Wangen

UISG President Noel Mills addresses a joint session of UISG and GPSG on Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019. The two student governance bodies met to vote on three joint resolutions, which passed unanimously.

Eleanor Hildebrandt, News Reporter

University of Iowa students have officially begun receiving student-leader correspondence each month. UI Student Government launched its newsletter in September in an effort to inform students about what happens at the organization’s weekly meetings. 

UISG External Relations Director Nicholas Currant controls the newsletter’s content. He explained the initiative was important for UISG because it will increase communication between the organization and the population it serves.

“The whole goal behind the newsletter is to increase transparency of what UISG is doing towards the rest of the student body,” he said. “Because that’s been an issue that we’ve recognized in the past that we want to help aid and fix throughout this upcoming school year.”

The newsletter received its title, “UISG for U,” from a popular theme of the same name that originated in the organization two years ago, UISG President Noel Mills said.

“We are for students,” Mills said. “We wanted the spirit of that to be kept alive. We are on social media, and we have a website, so why not have a newsletter? For the students who are invested in student life, they will read the email, and they can have a better understanding of UISG. If even one person feels that way, that’s enough for me.”

Currant said this email has been adapted to be the best option for students seeking information. The newsletter is just one more form of outreach, Currant said.

The newsletter’s goal is to increase communication overall, he said, and the email will include multiple sections that allow for students to access any and all necessary information.

UISG Vice President Sarah Henry said in an email to The Daily Iowan that she’s excited about the Past and Upcoming Legislation section of the email, which she believes will be a great way to make students more aware of and invested in the Student Senate.

“One of the things I realized when I first joined UISG as a senator was that we had the power to make big statements and changes with our legislation, and I’m excited for students that are not in the organization to know more about it,” Henry said.

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Currant said his favorite part of the newsletter is the Spotlight Section. 

“I think the Resource Spotlight definitely helps invite all the students to read the email,” Currant said. “… In September, [the spotlight] was on ITS and their assistance to students on phishing emails, this month it was Hawk Ideas, a platform built to hear every student’s voice.” 

The newsletter was created based on feedback from students during UISG election season, Henry said.

“’UISG for U’ means that our organization exists solely to help students,” Henry said. “When we work on projects, make decisions, and talk with legislators, we’re doing it for ‘U,’ the students. It’s also a reminder that everything we do should be to benefit Iowa students by making their lives easier, safer, and happier, never more complicated or difficult.”