Dance Marathon announces For The Kids Way Dedicated to the Kiddos

Dance Marathon unveiled the new name for South Hospital Drive — For the Kids Way — in dedication to the kids of the Stead Family Children’s Hospital.


Shivansh Ahuja

Patients and volunteers do the ‘Hawkeye Wave’ in the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital during Dance Marathon 25 on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019.

Alexandra Skores, News Reporter

On a sunny Friday outside on South Hospital Drive, Dance Marathon participants, hospital members, families, and community supporters stood to honor children who are fighting cancer.

In honor of the last 25 years of dedication towards the pediatric oncology patients in the Stead Family Children’s Hospital, Dance Marathon, in partnership with the Division of Student Life, will be renaming South Hospital Drive, located near the Stead Family Children’s Hospital, to For the Kids Way.

When Vice President of Student Life Melissa Shivers and University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld announced at Dance Marathon 25 there would be a street named in the kid’s honor, the Dance Marathon executive board was thrilled.

Today, the Division of Student Life is honoring the student organization’s efforts of supporting the lives of pediatric oncology patients of the Stead Family Children’s Hospital with the official street renaming.

“We just really didn’t know when this was going to happen after Dr. Shivers and President Harreld had announced this at the Big Event,” said Allison Stutting, DM26 Executive Director. “About two weeks ago, I was in a meeting with our Dance Marathon advisors when we got an email in the middle of the meeting announcing ‘For The Kids Way.’”

Stutting and the rest of the executive team were extremely excited for the event to occur and made preparations for the announcement.

On Friday morning, the executive team, alongside Shivers and Harreld and more Dance Marathon staff, gathered to say words with regards to the new street name.

President Harreld gave his remarks on the dedication of the Dance Marathon team.

“This is purely a year-round effort” Harreld said. “We appreciate all that you have done in making a huge difference in the state of Iowa.”

Harreld then invited Stutting to talk more about the relevance behind FTK—the phrase that has inspired so many within the Dance Marathon community.

Stutting emphasized the importance for the community to understand why and who they are doing this for. She also mentioned how proud she was of the work already accomplished by her team and her excitement for the year.

“This truly is a testament to the outstanding work of our students and all the students across Iowa,” Shivers said as she, Harreld and Stutting pulled the ribbon to unveil ‘For the Kids Way.’

The sign will be placed later during the day, Shivers said.

“For the Kids means so much more,” said Stutting. “For the Kids is a way to unify our community.”