One-on-one with Hawkeye cornerback Michael Ojemudia

Daily Iowan reporter Jordan Zuniga finds out some important off-field information about Hawkeye cornerback Michael Ojemudia.


Nick Rohlman

Iowa cornerback Michael Ojemudia tackles Michigan State wide receiver Felton Davis during the game between Iowa and Michigan State at Spartan Stadium on Saturday Sept. 30, 2017. The Spartans defeated the Hawkeyes 17-10.

Jordan Zuniga, Sports Reporter

DI: Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Ojemudia: Yes, I actually always put pineapple on pizza. People hate me for that, but yeah.


DI: What your go-to sports game?

Michael Ojemudia: FIFA, definitely FIFA.


DI: Who’s the best FIFA player on the team?

Ojemudia: It’s actually me — Miguel [Recinos] is pretty good … probably me and Miguel.


DI: Best movie to throw on for a movie night?

Ojemudia: There are a couple: Scarface, this movie called Four Brothers. I’d probably say Scarface is my favorite movie.


DI: Favorite place to play other than Kinnick?

Ojemudia: Penn State was pretty fun; Penn State was a good atmosphere, I want to go back there.


DI: What’s your favorite part about being a Hawkeye?

Ojemudia: The swarm. Just the feeling of the swarm, that’s the best part.


DI: What’s your dream car?

Ojemudia: An Audi R8.


DI: Who wins a team dance off?

Ojemudia: Dang, I’d probably say Daviyon [Nixon]. He’s pretty good.


DI: Who’s the best-dressed player?

Ojemudia: Oh, it’s me, by far. I feel like everybody would say it’s me.


DI: Favorite musical artist?

Ojemudia: I would probably say J. Cole.

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