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200 is the magic number

Iowa runner Brittany Brown crosses the finish line in the women’s 4 x 100 meter relay at Drake Stadium on Saturday, April 26, 2014. Iowa won first place in this event. (The Daily Iowan/Joshua Housing)

By Carter Melrose 

[email protected]

For junior Brittany Brown, her love for the 200 meters compares to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, except in her story, instead of porridge, she contemplates distance.

“It’s not too short like the 100, not too long like the 400,” Brown said. “It’s the 200, and it’s perfect.”

Brown loves the way it feels to come around the curve, she loves to feel the slingshot effect as she races toward the finish. This is what keeps her hungry, being able to come to work every day knowing she can run the 200 meters, a distance that is apparently perfect for her.

“The 200 is my baby,” she said.Not only does Brown love her 200-meter porridge, but given the chance, she will also run everyone off the track – just look at her previous races for evidence.

During the indoor track season, Brown found her stride. She won the Big Ten title in the 200 and followed up that performance by placing top five in the NCAAs.

“My best time was indoor, and I know people don’t really count that,” she said. “I want to race my best outside with the wind.”

This outdoor chip-on-her-shoulder mentality worked wonders this past weekend. Surprising herself, Brown ran faster than any Hawkeye ever in the 200 outdoor.

“I was worried about injury, my hip and my knee,” she said. “I was told to run relaxed and not fight it.”

Brown was the hero of the team, but she believes that she hasn’t reached her ceiling just yet.

“I don’t have the best start, but I have top-end speed,” she said. “It’s really good.”

Brown overcame her slow start and created some needed buzz for the Hawkeyes, buzz that will hopefully give the team a bit more swagger.

“I know [at] some meets, girls see Iowa on my chest and say there is no way she could be fast,” Brown said.

An added motivation is that she wants to one day help put the Hawkeyes on the map as a track and field powerhouse. She’s doing her part, breaking one record at a time.

Above all, she remembers the times in which all the hard work became worth it. During her freshman year with the Hawkeyes, she was on the team bus traveling back to Iowa City when her perfect moment occurred.

“It was after we won the 4×100 that year, there was a song playing on the radio,” Brown said. “We put down the windows on the bus and all sang together. We were just so happy.”

While creating a legacy for herself and her team, she can be found on the starting blocks, smiling ear to ear, underestimated and determined to prove her worth to her doubters.

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