Highlights from Kirk Ferentz’s Media Day presser


Iowa’s 2016 Football Media Day was led off by Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz’s press conference. Here’s a few of the highlights and quotes.

Starts by saying he keeps seeing a Detroit-Packers playoff game with Brett Favre in the football facility.

“This year is going to be very different without Bob Books.”

“Last year was a very rewarding year.” A 12-0 regular season is exactly that,

Feels that Iowa has put in a lot of “good” work ahead of the season. Talked a lot about how the team was very good at taking each game one at a time last year.

There’s a lot of trust in the staff and where Iowa is at as a program. New facility was mentioned.

Wants to have a different way to prepare for postseason games. Mentions that the championship game was a whole new experience. Getting blown out of the Rose Bowl last year certainly seems to had an effect.

Doesn’t say a whole lot about kicking and punting. Sounds like he’s going to let everything plays out.

A bit on Wadley. Says he’s not quite “home yet” but then goes on to complement his practice. Are there still ball security issues? Sure sounds like it.

Starts to compare CJ to Brad Banks, but doesn’t want to go too far. The comparison, it seems, is how they can “lead the team.” It sounds like Ferentz just feels as they go, the team goes (or went).

Feels there’s versatility on the offensive line. Mentions Cole Croston, who was barely on the two-deeps at points last year, but then managed to play more than just about anyone else.

Talks fullbacks a little bit. Iowa needs to replace two of them, which is actually a fairly big deal in Iowa’s offense.

Couple guys that aren’t 100-percent or are limited. Jonathan Parker is out for a while, but that seems to be the only thing of much significance.

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