Editorial | The DI Editorial Board endorses DeJear

Although DeJear isn’t the perfect candidate in the election for Iowa’s next governor, she is a far better choice than current Gov. Kim Reynolds.


Gabby Drees

Iowa Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deidre DeJear speaks at a town hall, hosted by the University Democrats at Iowa, at the Iowa Memorial Union on Monday, Sept. 26, 2022. DeJear spoke about education and health care access in Iowa, before fielding questions from the public.

DI Editorial Board

The Daily Iowan editorial is proud to endorse Deidre DeJear for Iowa Governor. DeJear has strong stances on what we believe will improve conditions for all Iowans, regardless of socioeconomic, employment, racial/ethnic, sexuality, or other protected statuses.

DeJear is not the ideal candidate for governor, but there are several reasons why she is the better choice than re-electing current Gov. Kim Reynolds.

DeJear’s campaign goals include a focus on increasing funds for public education system, protecting state retirement funds for public employees, reinvesting in trade school programs, and supporting the growth of mental health care programs

Reynolds stands against health care, education, and environmental reforms.

Reynolds’ COVID-19 pandemic failed tremendously. She refused a $95 million dollar grant from the federal government offered to help increase COVID-19 testing in schools and lifted the statewide mask mandate too early in the pandemic.

In this election, issues of bodily autonomy are of high concern for all political parties. These debates include questions on maintaining birth control and abortion access, rights for transgender individuals seeking hormones, reassignment surgery, or other gender affirming medical and social treatment.

Reynolds stands firmly against all of the above, citing “equity issues” in allowing trans women to compete on girls sports teams and promoting the removal of abortion access in the state under her current administration.

On top of equity concerns regarding healthcare and social conditions in the state, Reynolds’ proudly stands behind factory farming, one of the leading causes of pollution in the Midwest.

While claiming to promote a robust education system in Iowa, Reynolds’ has funneled public school funds into private schools in the state. This increases disparities for students who cannot afford private school and depend on taxes from wealthier families to keep their public school options competitive.

While we encourage everyone to vote this November for the candidate they believe will make positive contributions to Iowa’s economy, environment, education, and health care, we see the clear choice in this case to be DeJear.

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