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One on One with Iowa running back Jaziun Patterson

The Daily Iowan Sports Editor Kenna Roering chatted with Patterson at Iowa football’s media day on Aug. 11.
Grace Smith
Iowa running back Jaziun Patterson carries the ball during a Cy-Hawk football game between Iowa and Iowa State at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023. The Hawkeyes defeated the Cyclones, 20-13. Patterson rushed for 86 yards.

The Daily Iowan: What’s your go-to hype music before a game? 

Jaziun Patterson: I would have to go with NBA Youngboy. I can’t say the first word. It’s the ‘B’ word. “Let’s Do It.”

Do you like listening in your headphones or bumping it in the locker room? 

I’m not gonna lie. I kind of like bumping in the locker room because it turns up all the other guys, and gives them momentum. So that’s what I like to do.

You have a lot of tattoos. Do you have backstories on any of your tattoos?

Probably the one on my chest. It’s me praying to an angel. And I got, like, doves right here, and it says something like, ‘God, grant me the serenity to do things.’ I got it for my cousin after he passed away.

If you weren’t playing football on Saturdays, how would you spend your time? 

I would probably jet ski in Florida, probably down in Miami somewhere. Have a fun ATV ride. I did track, but I don’t think I would run track if I didn’t do football.  So I’ll probably just be in Florida having fun. Just kicking it with my family.

Do you have a favorite spot to eat back in your hometown? 

My favorite spot to eat is a place called Juicy Crab. It’s a seafood place in Florida. And I like getting seafood boils. You got king crab, oysters. There’s a lot of seafood and they got good sauce. 

Do you have a favorite holiday meal that you or your family cooks?

My grandma, she cooks soul food, so it’s like cornbread and collard greens. Turkey and ham — we need both of them. Stuffing and macaroni and cheese. That’s probably it.

And what’s your favorite food that they give you at the facility?

I like the steak and the shrimp because shrimp is the only thing I get close to seafood. 

How would you describe your fashion style? 

I like designer clothes.  I like Dior, Amiri, and Gucci. But I could put on any brand of clothes as long as I got some shoes to match with them. I’d probably wear some jeans from Fashion Nova or PacSun or H&M. I could just throw that together.

So what’s your favorite shoe brand?

Probably either Dior or Jordans. I got to have Jordans. I grew up with the Jordans. 

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 

I’m not going to lie, probably like 30 minutes. That’s pretty long. Like 30 minutes to an hour. If you call me and say you’re on your way, I would probably take too long. That’s what I’m known for, taking too long. 

Who is your hero?

My dad. He’s just hard-working. He’s strong. He raised 16 of us. I have 15 siblings. He managed to go to work. You know, there was a lot of stuff that happened in my past, and he was able to get us out of those situations.

What’s it like growing up with that many siblings? 

I’m close with all of them. It’s fun, but it can kind of get like drama at times. It’s fun for the most part. You got a lot of outlets you can go and talk to, so it’s pretty cool. 

Where are you in your family? 

I’m the youngest. 

Do you have a favorite play or most embarrassing play throughout your career? 

I would probably say when I was eight.  I played quarterback, and I led my team to the Super Bowl. I won the game for us. There wasn’t enough time on the clock, and I had a quarterback bootleg and I ended up scoring like 60 yards and won a Super Bowl for the team. Yeah, that was probably the highlight of my life. That’s the only Super Bowl ring I got. 

Do you have a go-to touchdown celebration? 

I’m kind of a humble guy. I don’t really celebrate. Some people call it boring, but I already scored the touchdown. 

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Kenna Roering is The Daily Iowan's sports editor. She is a junior at the University of Iowa majoring in journalism with a minor in sports and recreation management. Kenna previously worked as a sports reporter for men's wrestling and volleyball and was the summer sports editor in 2023. This is her second year with the DI.
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