Top 5 Video Production Companies in India


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The recent decades have seen a significant rise in demand for high-quality video production services as more people recognize the benefits of visual storytelling. With its extensive pool of creative experts and varied cultural environment, India has emerged as a hub for video production agencies providing services across various sectors. Also, HubSpot estimates that 91% of companies utilize video as a marketing tactic.

Get ready to learn about the leading video production houses based out of India: Vidzy, YTube, IGPackages, Grynsta, and IM Photo. As we delve deeper into them in this blog and push forward with new ideas that challenge current norms, it has allowed these companies to consistently deliver exceptional video content that surpasses all expectations.

List of Top Video Production Agencies in India (2023)

1. Vidzy

One of India’s best video production company, Vidzy, excels at creating visually stunning and high-quality engaging Influencer based video content. Vidzy’s team of video experts helps you to convey your vision or message through videos by offering niche influencer-based video services such as social media videos, product explainer videos, video ads, testimonials, demonstration videos, brand video and corporate videos alongside filming and editing services that cover every aspect of video production.

Industry relevant content creator are far better in connecting with the brands target audience than normal actors and celebrities. Hence, the engagement and conversion rate are very high in these UGC or Influencer based videos.

Vidzy offers everything from corporate videos to advertisements as well as documentaries or even short films, focusing on delivering exceptional best quality and understanding client needs and goals well enough to fulfil the brand’s requirements ahead of the time. Vidzy is reputed for excellence in the video industry from more than 8+ years.

Video Production Services and Features of Vidzy include:

Cutting-edge equipment and technology for high-quality and professional video production services.

Vidzy makes certain that every video captivates its audience by placing emphasis on storytelling.

Impressive portfolio with renowned clients and successful campaigns like One Plus, Zomato, Paytm, Unacademy etc.

Incorporate niche-based influencers in videos to build credibility and trust of the viewers towards brands.

Vidzy has a robust influencer network of 2 Lakhs+ influencers and creators.

Successfully delivered 10,000+ videos for 1000+ brands.

2. YTube

YTube’s captivating and innovative productions have brought them to prominence as a key player within India’s competitive video production sector, and specializing in the creation of viral videos to promote brands through online marketing is what YTube does best.

Collaborative work between talented directors, cinematographers, and experienced editors makes it possible for them to bring any idea into existence, and the fusion of masterful storytelling with cutting-edge visual design is what sets YTube apart in the industry—a distinction that has enabled them to establish and cultivate lasting partnerships across various fields such as lifestyle as well.

Key features of YTube include:

Acute awareness of YouTube algorithms and trends to boost video visibility.

Comprehensive knowledge of numerous types of videos like reviews, vlogs, and tutorials.

From top-quality editing to sound designing and color grading, YTube’s comprehensive video post-production services have got you covered.

Audience engagement is at the forefront of our efforts through exciting storytelling techniques.

3. IGPackages

IGPackages focuses on producing socially engaging and striking visual content as their forte since social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok are on the rise. IGPackages knows how important it is for your content to be able to capture your audience’s interest within a few seconds.

They have a range of service offerings that include developing short-form videos, brand videos, and social media ads, in addition to conducting influencer marketing initiatives. At IGPackages, we are dedicated to crafting digital-savvy content that’s both engaging and tailored specifically for our target demographic.

Key highlights of IGPackages include:

Expertise in using cutting-edge animation software and techniques.

Visual solutions that are personalized to the client’s specific requirements and brand vision.

By blending animations with real-life footage, they can convey impactful stories.

They take pride in offering top-quality animations and designs created by their experienced team.

4. Grynsta

Grynsta’s expertise in animation and motion graphics puts it ahead of its competition. This video production agency is home to skilled animators and visual effects artists who give life to creativity through their work.

Grynsta has formed partnerships with a wide range of businesses, including film studios and gaming companies, to create compelling animated videos, so choose Grynsta, a video company for any kind of video production needs. Whether it’s basic 2D animation or an advanced visualization, we have covered you.

Key features of Grynsta include:

Expertise in developing cinematic experiences that evoke real emotions.

Expertise in cinematography, ensuring stunning visuals and compositions.

Noticing intricate details and having the knack for seizing fleeting moments that become unforgettable memories.

Involving clients in the collaborative process enables them to really understand their vision and preferences.

5. IM Photo

IM Photo hasn’t limited itself to solely providing photography services because they have entered the realm of digital video production, and its accomplishments speak volumes about its success. Its exploration of the world of films has yielded well-crafted video content combining awe-inspiring visuals and riveting narration.

IM Photo’s proficiency in seizing moments and recounting narratives through photography has effortlessly transformed into the world of producing videos. Their artistry is apparent in each one, whether creating wedding films, promotional content, or music videos.

Key features of IM Photo include:

No other combination but photography and videography can depict an event’s true character.

They excel at capturing the essence of lavish weddings and trendy fashion events.

Attention to detail in both aesthetics and visual storytelling is essential for creating engaging narratives.

High-quality production and video post-production services, ensuring stunning results.


India’s video production sector has had remarkable growth fueled by emerging firms, including Vidzy, YTube, and IGPackages. Consistently delivering high-quality, captivating content that serves diverse client needs is what these five exceptional video production houses are known for.

Various genres, including corporate videos and social media campaigns aside from animation, are under the belt of these video production companies in India, which has given them an edge when it comes to pushing the boundaries between being innovative and creative. These five top-performing companies lead India’s video production industry.