Most Common Reasons for People Not Filing Personal Injury Claims

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As soon as you’re injured in an accident, the next steps seem clear. You have to seek medical attention quickly while gathering as much proof as you can from the scene of the incident in order to take legal action against the culprit and gain compensation.

But believe it or not, some people do not file personal injury claims. It seems strange, but there are many individuals who decide not to take this path even if they are dealing with injuries and had their property damaged. Why would someone not file a personal injury claim for compensation? Here are the most common reasons for this.

1. Not Thinking the Injuries Are Bad Enough

Sometimes, people refrain from filing a personal injury claim because they do not think their injuries are severe enough. When an injury is minor, an individual may think that the court will laugh in their face and not give them anything to compensate for the injuries, so the victim wants to avoid embarrassment.

But you may still be able to get compensation even for less severe injuries. If you had to pay any medical expenses or you’ve experienced pain, suffering, and lost wages, recovering damages is still possible.

If you are still unsure about whether your claim is valid, you can always speak to a personal injury lawyer.

2. Worrying About Losing a Job for Making Claims Against an Employer

Going against your employer is a frightening thought, especially if you and your family depend on your income a lot. When you get injured at work, you want to make your employer pay for it, but you’re most likely scared of the possible consequences. You may even think that your employer will fire you for making a claim.

You have to remember that all employers have a responsibility to keep employees safe. If an accident still took place and it was the employer’s fault, the employee has every right to make a claim. No employer is allowed to fire you for filing a personal injury claim against them.

In the event that the employer decides to sack you for the claim, you can claim unfair dismissal.

3. Not Knowing How to File a Claim

You may not know how to file a claim if you’ve never had to do it before. The process seems very complicated, and the last thing you want is to lose money trying to fight the person who injured you.

Being unfamiliar with the legal system can cause this fear, not to mention that there is also the thought of dealing with lawyer fees and other costs.

4. It’s Been a Long Time Since the Accident Occurred

Some victims think about making a claim, but they don’t do it right away. This is either because they are not sure whether it would be a successful attempt or because they spend a lot of time in recovery. There is usually a reasonable amount of time for someone to file a personal injury claim, but after this time passes, one can no longer seek compensation.

Each state has its own statute of limitations. In Oregon, for instance, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is two years. This means that you should hire your Portland personal injury lawyer during this time and file the claim.

A claim must be made as soon as possible to make sure you can claim compensation, so don’t waste too much time.

5. Not Wanting to Go to Court

Let’s be honest – the mere idea of going to court is already stressful enough, let alone doing it. Some people avoid filing a claim simply because they do not want to go to court.

However, you should know that not all cases end up in court. Some settle before reaching that point, with a very small number appearing in court. Besides, it’s more important to do this if you have a strong claim than paying for something you were not responsible for in the first place.

6. Being Worried About the Cost

Another common reason why people do not file a claim is the cost associated with pursuing a case. The legal battle involves lawyer fees and other costs, and not everyone has the money for this. So, they stay away from claims to avoid having to pay anything.

Final Thoughts

People do not file personal injury claims either because they do not have money, they’re scared to go to court, they’re scared their employer will fire them, they believe their injuries are not severe enough, or because it’s been a long time since the accident. Talk to a lawyer to find out if the case is worth pursuing if you’re unsure about whether you should file a claim or not.