Trade Skills You Never Considered: High-Demand Careers in Surprising Fields

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There was a time when getting a job for unskilled candidates was simple. During those times, companies provided the necessary training to their employees to make them capable of a given profile. However, the demands are different today in the job market, especially in Iowa. Today, you will find that local businesses seek professionals skilled enough for specific jobs and tasks within many industries.

Importance of Trade Skills in Today’s Job Market

Skills are important for any given job. There are several points of importance of trade skills in the modern-day job market. So here are specific points of importance of trade skills in today’s job market.

· Better Package

You can expect a higher pay package if you are skilled for a specific job. This was not the case a few decades back when trade skills for any job were not the main factor for choosing candidates. With the necessary skills, you can easily bag jobs in any industry of your choice. At the same time, with better skills, you can also expect a faster rise in the corporate ladder. This means faster promotions and salary raises. You can also get in the good books of your seniors if you are skilled for a job.

· Profitable For Businesses

Businesses have to spend long hours and a considerable amount of money training unskilled professionals for a job. However, companies today are always looking for options to reduce additional costs. Thus, companies are more interested in hiring skilled people for a role to save time and money.

· Stay Ahead In the Race

The world outside has become highly competitive. You will find businesses competing against each other to catch more customers, and employees are competing to climb up the corporate ladder faster than others. Having the required skills for a profession will benefit you in the long term. You can expect a better raise in your salary, and your company will benefit more from your services.

Surprising Fields with High-Demand Trade Skills

If you have the right skills, you will find several high-demand jobs. Some of these jobs are listed hereunder.

1. Legal Assistant

If you have the correct set of skills, one of the most high-demand jobs in today’s job market is a legal assistant. You will have to work with a professional attorney and help the legal advisor file case documents and help with different trial proceedings. In other words, you will be working as an attorney’s personal assistant. There are a number of large law firms in Iowa that are often looking for assistants.

2. Construction Equipment Operator

You will find some form of construction work going on wherever you go. This means experts have to handle large machines and equipment. You can also get a job as a construction equipment operator if you have the relevant abilities. The job would require you to know everything about safety rules at a construction site and how to operate a given machine efficiently. In addition, if a given machine malfunctions, you should also have the skills to understand and repair the problem if needed.

3. HVAC Technician

Every nation is being affected by global warming. This has made air conditioners a household name. This is why HVAC technicians are always in demand. Suppose you have the necessary skills and expertise to repair a faulty HVAC system. In that case, you can bag the job of an HVAC technician in a reputed firm. You should also know how to install and maintain HVAC systems.

4. Respiratory Therapist

There are hundreds of very specific and skilled individuals required within the healthcare sector. An example of one which came into particular attention recently with the COVID pandemic was respiratory therapists. There are healthcare experts with specialized skills in caring for patients with heart and lung problems that lead to breathing difficulties. They work with physicians in order to help evaluate, diagnose and treat cardiopulmonary diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia among others. To work in this area you will need to complete the necessary training as a respiratory therapist school.


The job market has changed a lot in modern times. You could still get a job in the past even if you lacked the necessary skills. However, it is important to have the necessary skills for your dream job in today’s job market. You will need proper skills to get your dream job, such as a construction equipment operator, legal assistant, and healthcare professional.

Companies hire skilled labor for their jobs to cut down on costs. They can also cut down on added investments, such as training new candidates. You can also expect a good pay package

if you have the right set of skills for a specific role. This is one reason why new employees get a higher package than what they used to get in the past.