Lost in the In-Between: Graduating into 2020

A documentary exploring the struggles and triumphs of young adults navigating the challenges of the pandemic will premiere on Thursday, May 4th, 2023, at FilmScene in Iowa City, Iowa. 

A production of the Daily Iowan Documentary Workshop, “Lost in the In-Between” captures the poignant moments of these students’ lives as they try to navigate the challenges of young adulthood in a world that feels forever changed. 

The film delves into the challenges of mental health brought on by isolation and an uncertain future, the anxieties surrounding the search for employment in a struggling economy, and the added complexities of grappling with issues of identity. Despite these hardships, the students in the film demonstrate remarkable strength and resilience and find ways to express their true selves. “Lost in the In-Between” highlights their stories of perseverance and hope in the face of adversity.

Directed by Jenna Galligan, Ryan Adams, and Jake Maish, we believe this film has the potential to inspire and empower young adults across the country. “Lost in the In-Between” is produced by documentary photographer and filmmaker, Danny Wilcox Frazier, who also serves as director of the Daily Iowan Documentary Workshop. Daily Iowan publisher Jason Brummond and independent filmmaker John Richard are executive producers on the film. 

“Lost in the In-Between” is the second feature-length documentary produced by the Daily Iowan Documentary Workshop, a new endeavor of the 154-year-old University of Iowa independent student news organization, The Daily Iowan.

Film Info

“Lost in the InBetween: Graduating into 2020″ is a production of the Daily Iowan Documentary Workshop in association with The Daily Iowan.

Runtime: 60 minutes

Directed by: Jenna Galligan, Ryan Adams, and Jake Maish

Produced by: Danny Wilcox Frazier

Executive Editor: John Richard

Executive Producer: Jason Brummond

Edited by: Ryan Adams, Ayrton Breckenridge, Jenna Galligan, and Daniel McGregorHuyer

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