How To Gamble On Stake In US: Learn How To Make a Stake Account


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If you want to know how to gamble on Stake in the US, there are a number of things you need to consider. The most important of these is that is not available to US players, but there is a more than able replacement in the shape of Casino. does not operate in the same way as a real money casino might, though you can still redeem cash prizes. This guide contains all you need to know about how you open an account with, and what you can do once you are registered.

  • Easy-to-follow instructions: The guide provides step-by-step instructions, making it easy for users to create a Stake account and start gambling.
  • Accessible platform: Stake is available to users in the US, providing a convenient platform for users to gamble online.
  • Variety of games: Stake offers a wide variety of games for users to gamble on, including sports betting, casino games, and more.

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How to gamble on Stake In the US

First things first, however. You need to be aware that, although you will be playing slots and table games with the chance of redeeming a cash prize, what you are doing at is not classed as gambling (as you are not spending real money on the games), which is why you can do this in states where regular online casinos are not yet legal. It is still extremely popular, however, so the sense that you will not be playing for ‘real money’ does not seem to put a dent in the whole experience.

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The reason why is so popular is that you can choose between the games you might see at a regular casino, but you are not playing for real money. Instead, is a sweepstakes casino, which is a type of social casino where you play using virtual coins. Coins come in two variations. Firstly, gold coins, which can be used to play games for fun only. Secondly, you get ‘Stake Cash,’ which can be played with and accumulated to trade in for cash prizes.

Before you can experience any of this firsthand, however, you will have to sign-up with and open your account.

Registering with

The first part of how to gamble on Stake in the US, albeit in this modified form, is to sign up with You can join from pretty much anywhere in the US. The exceptions  are New York, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, and Kentucky, which have different legislation regarding this type of casinos.

To verify you are not in one of these restricted states, you’ll have to enter your full name and permanent address, along with your email and date of birth. You’ll then need to back this up with your identification and proof of address. Anyone trying to join from outside the US is detected by software on the site and kindly informed they cannot get access.

Setting your password and entering your bonus code

Breaking down that process into steps, you need to start by clicking on the blue “register” button on the top right-hand corner of your screen, or by using the ‘register instantly’ button nearer the middle of the page. You can also have preliminaries done for you by registering using Facebook, Google, or Twitch.

You’ll then need to supply the details already outlined above, as well as set up a password to access your account. Most importantly, you can also tick the box marked ‘code’ to enter a code and get an exclusive welcome bonus. By entering the exclusive code CRYPTGAMBL you’ll get the 5% rakeback offer, which means you have a percentage of your losses returned to your account.

Verify your email

The final steps in this process are to check your inbox for your email to verify your email address, and upload the ID as requested by This not only confirms you are who you say you are but also checks you are over 21 and not attempting to open a duplicate account. Once this process is complete, you can log into your account and start playing the range of games on offer.

Claiming your first stash of virtual coins – and how to start using them

The next stage in learning how to gamble on Stake In the US using their sweepstakes casino is to collect your first batch of virtual coins to play with. These are the Gold coins and Stake Cash that were mentioned briefly earlier. You will receive a set amount of these each day that you login, with the vast majority of the balance made up of gold coins and smaller number of Stake Cash added in.

Unlike other sweepstakes casinos, this first haul won’t be a massive batch of coins. Instead, offers a continuous stream of bonuses and promotions instead, which has made them so popular. Even so, this first stash of coins should be enough for you to start exploring the different types of games on site.

Playing games in standard mode

Anyone who has played at an online casino before, or even seen a land-based casino on a TV program, will know that they typically have a large number of slots and table games like roulette, blackjack, and poker. You will find all of these at and can play them in ‘Standard’ mode using gold coins.

These games are supplied by top names in the industry, like Hacksaw games and Pragmatic Play. As such, these will have quite a genuine casino feel despite only being played with virtual coins. There are also some ‘Stake Originals’ in the mix, which are exclusive in-house games that give you more options outside the usual casino games, such as a wheel of fortune game.

Regardless of which game you play, while you are in standard mode and playing with gold coins, you can only win other gold coins. These have no value whatsoever outside of, and cannot be used for any other purpose other than enjoyment. They are great for getting to grips with the games so you can use your Stake Cash more effectively.

Playing games in promotional mode

You can if you wish, switch to playing with Stake Cash in promotional mode. This is an important part of how to gamble on Stake in the US if you want to redeem cash prizes. You can play many of the same games, and the only difference is the type of virtual coins you are using. In this case, though, the process of playing turns the coins you have into redeemable Stake Cash once you have played through them 3 times.

These redeemable coins can be traded at the rate of 1 Stake Cash = 1 USD for either gift cards, merchandise, or a transfer of funds to your wallet, as long as the threshold for doing so has been met. These thresholds can change, so you need check with first.

You can’t do any of this until you are verified, so make sure that box is ticked, then once approved, your prize will be delivered to your email (in the case of a gift card) or your verified address (for merchandise). For currency transfers, the amount will be added to the wallet you have on file (or used if you have purchased additional gold coins).

5 takeaways you need to remember if you want to learn how to gamble on Stake In the US

Remember to use the bonus code is renowned for its wide range of bonus offers to players, and the first and possibly most important of those is the one you claim with the code CRYPTGAMBL. This gets you the 5% rakeback offer, which you are likely to find very valuable if you stay at for any length of time.

Remember to log in every day

At, you get a free coin package (made of up gold coins and Stake Cash) each day you log in. So, make sure you check in every day, even if you don’t play for long. These coins can mount up over time, and logging in only takes a couple of minutes, so it is likely to be time well spent.

Conclusion – learning how to gamble on Stake In the US has a host of benefits

Once you are aware that you can’t use Stake to play for real money, knowing how to gamble on Stake in the US gives you plenty of options. You can just log in every day for a top-up and play with the gold coins for fun and enjoyment. Alternatively, you can accumulate a stash of Stake Cash and play with these so that you can trade them in for prizes. Either way, the choice is there for you to determine the type of experience you are looking for. Learning how to gamble on Stake in the US is as easy as one, two, free.