5 Must Visit UK Racecourses – A Guide To The Best Tracks In Britain

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Are you looking for a great day out that involves the thrill and excitement of horse racing? If so, look no further than Britain’s legendary racecourses! From large open spaces to dramatic cliffside tracks, there are plenty of excellent options throughout the country.

So, we compiled a comprehensive guide to the best five UK racecourses for an unforgettable experience! Whether you’re an eager first-timer or a seasoned expert in this thrilling sport, each course offers something unique and exciting – from unmatched views, top-notch facilities, and even a Royal seal of approval. Prepare yourself for an incredible day at one of these renowned courses!

Pontefract Racecourse

The UK is home to some of the best racecourses in the entire world. However, among those, some are the best of the best. First up on our list, we have Pontefract racecourse. The Pontefract racecourse in West Yorkshire has a long and detailed history spanning many years.

This racecourse is an independently owned flat course that runs left-handed. It is located only a kilometre outside Pontefract’s historic market town. This racecourse hosts races throughout the summer and is closed for the winter season, and if you’re interested in learning more, you can find a great Pontefract guide at British Racecourses. It may be a small racecourse, but it is one of the most popular and known to be one of the best in the UK. Its history starts in 1648 And has stood strong since then.

Ascot Racecourse

The next race course we’ll look at is the Ascot racecourse. Considered the epicenter of horse racing in the United Kingdom, Ascot racecourse is one of the most famous racecourses, hosting an event that lasts 26 days.

One of its most popular events is a five-day festival in the peak of summer, where newcomers can enjoy some of the best entertainment around. There is also incredible food, amazing entertainment, and plenty of action. Ascot is known for its high-stakes races, prestigious clientele, and grandstands overlooking the track in style.

Cheltenham Racecourse

When talking about horse racing in the United Kingdom, the Cheltenham racecourse is one of the most popular names that will come up. Cheltenham racecourse hosts various events, including some of the country’s most popular national hunt racing events.

The Cheltenham race track saw its first race in 1815 and has since grown to be one of the biggest racecourses in the entire country. It averages up to 68,000 guests, making it one of the largest racecourses hosting some of the most significant events. Offering a variety of events, there is no surprise that it is so popular, especially with its most popular event being the national hunt racing.

Epsom Downs Racecourse

Moving on down our list, the next racecourse we will look at is the Epsom downs racecourse. Epsom downs are one of the pivotal racecourses run on during the flat season, even though it has a typically much smaller number of meetings compared to other tracks. This racecourse is known to be England’s premier flat racing course and is set in the beautiful Surrey countryside.

Newmarket Racecourse

Last, the final race course it will look at is the Newmarket racecourse. This racecourse is located in Suffolk in Newmarket and has a long history as the capital of British horse racing. It is home to some of the country’s top trainers and jockeys.

The Newmarket racecourse has a rich history of breeding and racing, which can be followed back over three centuries. Here you will find two tracks run on at different times of the season. These two tracks are known as the Rowley mile and the July course. The Rowley mile is typically used at the beginning of the season, while the July course is used in the middle of the season before returning to the Rowley course.