Best and Worst States to Work in America 2023

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When it comes to jobs, some areas are better than others. They offer better opportunities for job seekers and even have good options for those who are inexperienced or entry-level. At the same time, there are also locations that are not so convenient in terms of jobs.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or you’ve worked for a few years already, you probably have plans to upgrade and earn more. It’s not easy for everyone, but if you search long and hard enough, you can find what you’re looking for.

It should come as no surprise that certain American states have greater opportunities than others. Which ones should you consider for work in 2023? Check out the best and worst states to work in America in 2023.

The Best States to Work In

People who live in states with high employment rates and numerous job offers are lucky. They have higher chances to find a job that suits them or at least something that is part of the same field they specialize in. This way, you can find better-paying jobs.

WalletHub ranked all the states using different aspects such as the self-reported job satisfaction of the residents, the median yearly income, the rate of unemployment, the average commute time, and the available job opportunities.

That being said, here are the best states to work in this year:

  1. Washington – Washington takes the top spot on the list as the best state to work in America in 2023. The labor participation rate of the state is 64.8%, while the unemployment rate is very low, sitting at 3.8%. Some of the best fields in Washington at the moment are construction, manufacturing, real estate, and tech.
  2. Vermont – Vermont was also able to rank high, being right behind Washington. Similar to the top state, Vermont was able to maintain low rates of unemployment while seeing growth in steady employment and work opportunities. Besides, workweeks are shorter as well.
  3. New Hampshire – New Hampshire is also great for work as just like Vermont, it has shorter workweeks, decreased unemployment rates, and more steady employment. It also offers many job opportunities.
  4. Colorado – Colorado has a very low unemployment rate and a high employment rate, so it comes as no surprise that it ranks very high too. It performs very well in the job market category. Besides, it saw an increase in job gains that exceeded the national average.
  5. Minnesota – When it comes to job-market conditions in general, Minnesota is among the best. Besides, it also has numerous job opportunities for job seekers. Back in October, Minnesota got over 17,000 jobs in the private sector.
  1. Rhode Island – Rhode Island manage to place 9th in the job market, and 3rd for the economic environment. It’s a great state for anyone looking for a new job.
  2. Massachusetts–It’simpossibletoignorethesuccessofMassachusettswhenit comes to the job market. In fact, the state got the 6th place for the job market and economic environment.

Aside from these, WalletHub ranked Virginia, Connecticut, and New Jersey as great states for work too.

The Worst States to Work In

There are also a few states that do not perform so well in the job department. Here’s where working or looking for a job would be a less pleasant experience:

  1. West Virginia – West Virginia is overall the worst state for work in 2023. It has low starting salaries, as well as very few work opportunities for job seekers.
  2. Kentucky – Just like West Virginia, Kentucky doesn’t have many job opportunities. Compared to many other salaries, it also has lower starting incomes.
  3. Mississippi – Mississippi is bad in terms of job opportunities, having limited options. The salary is also not that great for people who are just getting started.
  4. Louisiana – Louisiana is the state with the least amount of job opportunities according to WalletHub. Finding a job would be a real challenge in this state.
  5. New York – One would think that New York is a state with lots of work opportunities, but that is not the case. In fact, it has very little to offer to those who seek jobs.

Final Thoughts

Finding a job should be an easy process, but it is often a process influenced by the state we live in. California ranked 11 on the WalletHub list of best states to work in America. So, your experience should be pretty smooth. But if you ever encounter problems, Los Angeles employment lawyers are ready to help you.