She Was Told She’d Never Make It: Starving Artist Makes First $100K


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The App We Didn’t Know We Needed

Three years ago, we lived not knowing what “TikToker” or “TikTok famous” meant. The app wasn’t even an afterthought; everyone relied on Instagram for their daily dose of comedy skits, cooking videos, and favorite influencer posts.

Now everyone and their mom is addicted to TikTok. Why is that? After all, influencers have been around since the dawn of social media, so what makes TikTok stand out? How has it revolutionized the social media experience?

Well, here’s the thing. It’s changing lives within and beyond its platform in the blink of an eye. Everyone loves a success story, and TikTok is getting credit for hundreds, if not thousands, of them every day. What makes it especially relatable and appealing among the general public is the fact that seemingly anyone could go viral overnight on TikTok.

But people have been “discovered” before and got rich and famous for their Instagram posts or their Youtube videos. So, what’s different this time around? Well, there’s a lot of talk about algorithms and discoverability on social media. In a nutshell, TikTok’s algorithms favor new and original videos and don’t seem to push a creator’s content based on their follower count or engagement rate.

This means anyone can rise to stardom on this platform in record time. Still, maintaining your newfound fame and heightened attention is the real challenge! That’s where Media Mister comes in.

Influencers struggling to keep their numbers up are reaching out to Media Mister for assistance in boosting their presence. As the market gets saturated with new content, it has become a battle to stay relevant on social networks.

As an endless resource of likes, views, comments, etc., Media Mister’s mission is to make sure their customers’ businesses and livelihoods are protected. Such was this girl’s experience with Media Mister.

Homeless Artist Finds Fame and Fortune While Painting During TikTok Live Stream

Brianna James, a modest yet ambitious girl from Brooklyn’s poorest neighborhoods, had dreams of becoming a successful painter. At 18, she moved out of her family home, determined to make it as an artist.

Selling paintings on the crowded sidewalks of bustling New York can be surprisingly lonely. Feeling invisible to passers-by, one day, she decided to live-stream her struggle.

“I needed to know I wasn’t alone,” Brianna says with a bittersweet smile as she remembers her recent past. What Brianna would soon realize was that her stream was gaining traction fast. As anybody would, she started interacting with the comments, charming viewers with her delightful and witty personality.

“All my life, I was told art doesn’t pay,” Brianna continues, “and yet look at me now. Fast forward 6 months, and I’m actually selling my paintings on TikTok! So far, I’ve made over $100k! I have my own apartment, half a million followers, and my own art studio!”

“It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, though. After a few weeks, my account started dying. The views, likes, and all the good stuff started dropping. I was afraid other followers would see the dwindling numbers and give up on me. Then, I stumbled upon an ad for Media Mister’s marketing services.”

“They increase the number of failing accounts instantly by adding new and authentic followers to them. That way, they appear just as popular, if not more. It sounded like a lifesaver to me!”

 “By then, I had received my first paycheck from TikTok. Every business needs investments, so I thought I’d try them out. Best decision I ever made!”

But, How Did Brianna Save Her TikTok Business?

Sometimes, pumping out new content, no matter the quality, just isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need a pick-me-up, in this case, in the form of Media Mister. This miracle service provider strives to revive dead accounts and maintain, as well as improve, the engagement of active ones.

“It’s a guarantee that you’ll reach your social media goals with their support,” assures another client, Instagram comedian Sasheer Zamata, whose viral stand-up clips have even earned her an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show.

Indeed, Media Mister provides cost-effective social media marketing across 55 platforms, from mainstream networks like TikTok, Facebook, and Youtube, to niche ones like CoinHunt, AudioMack, and Rarible. The list goes on.

Depending on the customers’ chosen platforms, they might need a boost in the number of followers, subscribers, likes, comments, shares, plays, star ratings, or even reviews. Thanks to Media Mister, customers can always rely on highly affordable services.

A representative of Media Mister explains, “The ultimate idea is that you’re saving both time and money while building a credible reputation and gaining exposure at record-breaking speed.  They say fame is a fickled friend. So, we wish to offer our clients whose livelihoods depend on it a sense of control.”

“Take TikTok, for instance. Although virtually anyone can blow up on TikTok, a substantial following does have a considerable effect on how high your content ranks. The same goes for increased engagement, allowing your posts to pop up on the For You page of many more viewers.”

“It’s a short road to gaining a loyal audience of followers who will actively engage with your content through support during challenging times.”


With fierce competition for attention on social networks, the need for marketing solutions like the ones Media Mister provides is growing. Likewise, their pool of satisfied and loyal customers is getting larger. Some of them share their positive experiences below:

“I’ve never seen an engagement like that on my TikTok before, and all I did was buy a few hundred followers from Media Mister. Now I have 35k followers and my first sponsorship deal!”

  • Evie Dawson

“First, I was skeptical because I know such services only get you a bunch of worthless bots. But these are REAL people actually liking and commenting on my Youtube videos!”

  • Caleb Phillips

“Increasing plays on my Spotify account has really helped drive more listeners to my music. Thanks to Media Mister, my monthly listeners have tripled in the last week!”

  • Taylor Hughes

“My boyfriend’s TikTok went viral overnight, but then he couldn’t get the same views again and started losing followers fast. He heard some TikTokers were using Media Mister to boost their numbers, so he contacted them. A year later, he’s living off of TikTok, and even bought a house!”

  • Yasmin Wood

“My daughter was struggling to promote her new cafe. She bought some positive Facebook reviews to get people to give it a chance. The place has been crowded since!”

  • Charlie Howard