UI USG confirmed new Latine Constituency Senator

UI USG confirmed Cielo Herrera as its 2022-23 Latine Constituency Senator


Madyson Gomez

Latina Constituency Senator Cielo Herrera is sworn in as senator during a University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government meeting at the Iowa Memorial Union in Iowa City on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023. USG members discussed many topics including the importance of the University of Iowa Food Pantry for students, confirming a new senator, and new bills.

Archie Wagner, News Reporter

University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government confirmed first-year student Cielo Herrera as Latine Constituency Senator for 2022-2023 at Tuesday’s meeting. 

Sen. Jaden Bartlett authored the confirmation legislation and explained the reason for the position’s previous vacancy. There are nine USG constituency senators. 

“As I’m sure most of you are aware, our former Sen. Sara Koppy vacated the position back in November of last year,” Bartlett said. 

Bartlett said USG is also looking for someone to fill the vacant Disability Constituency Senator position. 

“We’re very, very excited to nominate Cielo Herrera to this position for the remainder of the administration,” Sen. Bartlett said. 

Once confirmed,  Herrera was sworn in with the promise to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the UI Undergraduate Student Government. 

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In an interview with The Daily Iowan, Herrera said she is an open major but is interested in studying communications. 

“I’m just really intrigued by the way people communicate, and the way they talk to each other,” Herrera said. “I think conversation is something that I’m really passionate about.” 

Herrera said she heard about the open Latine Constituency Senator position through her RA, who was previously a part of USG. 

“He kind of let me know like hey, there’s applications opening and I know that you are of Hispanic background and the Latine constituency senator position is open,” Herrera said. 

Herrera was not sure if she would be chosen for the position when she applied, but she said she was really thankful that she ultimately USG’s choice. 

“I’m pretty excited. I’m really excited actually,” Herrera said. “I love finding ways to get involved, especially here at school. I think it’s a great way to meet people. And you know, kind of just get to know the culture of the University of Iowa.” 

Herrera said although she has not previously participated in student government, she is excited about learning how it works. 

“I think, as the Latine Constituency Senator, it’s really important to just kind of be aware of some of the things that University of Iowa does that may not be completely inclusive or completely free of discrimination,” Herrera said. “So I think it’s really important that constituency senators are energetic and ready to play a part in that role.”