How to Find Influencers for Your Brand


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If you want to grow your brand, find influencers who resonate with it. Influencers are popular personalities among a specific circle or social class. They have a huge following on social media platforms since people want to know more about their lives and admire what they do. Film-makers, performing artists, news anchors and content creators are the most common influencers in the contemporary world. To get the right influencer for your course, you need to consider some basic elements.

Following The Social Media Platforms

It is the first thing every prospective brand owner does; follow them and understand if they fit your brand. You learn a lot from verbal cues, presentations and association. Some influencers have relationships with audiences or people who resonate with their actions. If they are your ideal clientele base, you can call in.

Ideally, people follow influencers because for lessons, out of admiration or for their job. The ultimate goal is to learn and be like them in future. For example, football has a huge fanbase worldwide, with star footballers gaining a huge following. Brands selling sports attires, advocating for healthy living or promoting a certain hairstyle can rope into this following.

However, direct social media followers can give little analytic outcome as you can get consumed with fanaticism. Also, you might need an influencing eye since you overlook a strategic angle that can positively grow your brand uptake or following. It takes a keen eye to see the influencer’s position in brand promotion, which can turn their following into your consumers.

Reading Through Other Clients’ Reviews

A huge following can be made of admirers or haters. If they cannot manage their affairs well, the following can turn into tormentors. Therefore, the type of people an influencer attracts is a reflection of contemporary society. They also hold him to account if anything goes wrong and cheers them on when they are doing something good.

Moreso, how they engage with their following can give you an idea of who they are. If they are quick to answer, how they take criticism and their approach to social issues speak a lot. Brands take family and relationship issues seriously, which they use to gauge their behaviour and general mannerisms.

This approach makes influencers uptight and appears well-put in front of people. Reading people’s reviews on influencers misses the real picture of who they are. They have PR teams and image consultants who ensure they are at their best whenever they step out. Nevertheless, understanding what people feel about influencers is a good starting point.


It is an ideal way to find influencers since they are tried and tested. Someone used their services and had a report on what to do to get the results. It might be a trusted friend who understands your brand or a credible platform with analytic capabilities. However, this approach relies on feedback from people who interacted with the influencer.

Corporates also refer influencers indirectly. Customers have a high pedigree on some corporates. It indirectly means that if they use certain influencers, they are good and reliable. However, anybody can be as good as new with the right PR. That, however, does not rule out the research and development machinery that vets influencers before they settle on an ideal one.

With all its perfect-picture approach, referrals rely on others to infer the conclusion. They are also time-consuming and might not give you the value on investment. If you want to find influencers who match your need, consider the following factors:

  • Target market – if the influencer’s following are your ideal customers.
  • Authenticity – whether the following was organic or acquired.
  • Creativity – if their mode of delivery aligns with your plans.

Hello Pareto has the system to vet and find influencers who match your descriptions. It has a screening system that monitors influencers, vet their audience authenticity and gives an honest account. With this data, you can save time and find an ideal candidate to work on your brand.