Baker Mayfield Leads The Rams Win Against The Raiders


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Football is a sport that never ceases to amaze us, and it has produced yet another surprise recently. Namely, Baker Mayfield has had a completely unforgettable debut with the Los Angeles Rams, as he led his team to a stunning win against the Las Vegas Raiders.

No one quite expected these events at the SoFi Stadium, and as you would expect, it wasn’t a pretty win.

The win was far from ideal, but The Rams will not worry about that. At the end of the day, they managed to do the impossible with the 17-16 win.

Mayfield Showed Up On The Big Stage

If you ask the question of how did The Rams win exactly, we can answer with just two words – Baker Mayfield.

He was waived by the Panthers just this week and he had a lot to do before his debut. He was dealing with a short week and he also needed to adjust to a new offense.

Mayfield got the textbook on Tuesday and he only had Wednesday to train with the team, but that seemed to be more than enough to create chemistry with his receivers. Therefore, he managed to lead a 13-point comeback.

Of course, the defense also needs to take part of the credit as it didn’t let the Raiders get too much space and lead.

The collective effort meant that the Rams had more passing yards, fewer penalties and fewer turnovers – which is a recipe for success in most cases.

However, not everything about the win was about Mayfield. He also received help from Skowronek, who was the leader in receiving among his teammates with 89 yards. Moreover, Cam Akers ended the game with 42 yards.

The Raiders Also Have Themselves to Blame

This is a result that has surprised everyone, including bookmakers. There were not plenty of people who secured wins with their wagers, but once again, that is the beauty of the sport.

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Speaking of the game, The Raiders started the game quite strong, but they never managed to get a comfortable lead to run away with.

Moreover, The Raiders had a 13-point lead with just four minutes to go in the game with the Rams driving. The Rams didn’t manage to score a touchdown to that point in the game, but once the Raiders let up, the door was opened for a big comeback.

As any big player does, Mayfield saw his opportunity and took it by making accurate passes and quick play.

So, part of the reason why the Raiders lost is its defense. They appeared to be improving recently, but the team continues to blow leads, which is a very worrying sign going forward.

Moment of the Game

There is one clear winner when speaking of the moment of the game. The Rams’ offense had 98 yards to go with 1:45 left in the game, and they needed a touchdown.

With 10 seconds to go, Mayfield completed the match-winning pass, which is something he says is among the most memorable moments in his career.

The match-winning moment of the game is pretty wild, which is nothing short of Mayfield’s journey to the Rams in the first place.

What’s Next?

Well, the Rams were in a pretty bad situation and on a poor run of form before this game, but now everything might change.

The Rams were facing elimination in the game against the Raiders, with a loss surely kicking them out of the playoffs. However, the epic comeback sees theme hope for yet another chance to qualify. It is worth noting that the chance is still slim, but nothing is impossible.

Up next for the Rams is a game against the Packers, which is another struggling team. The game takes place in Green Bay.

Josh McDaniels, who is the Raiders’ head coach goes head to head against his former boss next week when his team takes on the New England Patriots, led by Bill Belichick. There is still plenty to be excited about this season for both teams.