Operational budget changes made by UISG for more accurate funding

The University of Iowa Student Government realloted their operation budget on Tuesday night to ensure the funds were being used fully.


Katie Goodale

UISG President Noel Mills listens during a UISG meeting in the IMU on Jan. 28. UISG discussed budget issues and student organization allotted funds.

Eleanor Hildebrandt, News Reporter

University of Iowa Student Government unanimously passed changes to its operational budget at a meeting Tuesday night.

UISG Finance Committee Chair and Senator Zoe Hamstreet said the changes were founded in what funds were needed for the rest of the spring semester based on what funds were used in the fall semester.

The money would be repurposed into parts of UISG that needed more funding so the money wasn’t being wasted, she said.

“We are taking $1,000 from the Board of Regents and Leadership Development and that’s going to GIF [Green Initiative Fund],” Hamstreet said. “We’re taking $5,000 from the retreat, because we didn’t spend any money at the retreat since we didn’t buy food, and that will go to the airport shuttle.”

Hamstreet said the communication’s budget would also be reallocated to create a $1,128.40 stipend for UISG’s social media and any initiatives that social media needed to fund.

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Overall, Hamstreet said, UISG would reallocate $8,128.40 from the operational budget into other programs on this budget.

UISG Senator and Internal Affairs Committee Chair Anna Correa said the airport shuttle was an example of a program that needed funding, and she was glad that these funds were being repurposed to support the initiative.

“This is a wonderful service; it is a fairly difficult service to manage,” she said. “This [funding] is needed.”

UISG Parliamentarian Jacob Heid supported the reallocation and suggested that the operational budget be more accurate in future years because the student government had to reallocate funds previously.

“I think it’s great that we recognize that certain areas of our operational budget are not being used to [the money’s] full potential,” he said. “I believe this is the second time we’ve had to reallocate money from the operational budget. I urge whoever develops this budget to try for next year really make intentional recommendations so that our operational budgets can be followed.”

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